Two big changes to Delta bump compensation – Food vouchers & rebook class of service.

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Today’s AM post is going to be rather short and to the point as I am still, yes, still on my 1 day mileage run that has become many. After 6 legs I have just 1 more to be home and after two bumps. This has been a great run.

A few things I can confirm and also update (more of the trip later bur for now just some data points). Many have posted on their blogs and on FlyerTalk that Delta no longer gives out meal vouchers when you offer up your seat. They say that change happened in the beginning of January. This is not entirely correct.

I reached out to Delta and was not given a clear answer but was told Red Coats can issue food vouchers. So while it is correct that gate agents can no longer give you one, go find a Red Coat, and they can as you can see from mine above. Do note they are still good for 24hrs like before so if you, like me, have already had dinner then you can hold them say for breakfast the next day.

Another sad note that does again play a roll on bumps is the loss of Y class rebook when you bump. WAY back you got FULL Y class including extra points when you bumped. Then, as I found out many times, you got Y class perks, but at any time they could be snatched away from you and you could be rebooked back in your original booking class. Now, when you bump, you must be bumped into the same fare class you booked in. The only way around this is for, again, a Red Coat to step in and they CAN rebook you in Y class but I do not know how long that will hold.

We can see Delta is working hard on their IT system to make sure we get as little as possible when we offer up our seats. Let’s hope they work just as hard on the #Skymiles2015 award page they have yet to build! – René

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  1. Unfortunately it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better for fliers on Delta. I imagine that a few extra points for a full Y re-book of someone who gave up their seat is a lot cheaper than having to involuntarily bump someone…

    Glad I was transferred out of Atlanta a few years ago.

  2. Thanks so very much for this information. The fact that Delta does not offer (without finding a Red Coat) free meals for voluntary bumps as well as Y class, gives me who lives in ATL a sickening feeling. Unlike the 2015 Miles change which Delta I’m sure can rationalize in their own heads the justification, what’s really the upside for Delta NOT giving a free meal as a thank you for giving up a seat to someone who has been bumped by Delta’s error?? Urgh..

    Question Rene, do you think going to the Agents in the Delta Sky Lounge entrance, has the ability to getting a Y class seat on a bump or even meal vouchers? These agents usually seem a bit more calm as they done have long lines of angry people screaming at them.

  3. Delta doesn’t seem to concerned about any kind of customer service except its own ridiculous policies. They are just behaving as if they want to be the last ranked airline in the US. That day is nearing as they keep announcing new policies. Better they stop announcing any change for couple of years just to recover from the damage already done.

  4. I wrote a post about how delta did away with meal vouchers. I wrote DL and complained to delta after being bumped and not recieving one. There answer was this:

    “Thanks for your email letting us know of your disappointment with regards to meal voucher. Please know that Delta Air Lines no longer provides meal vouchers but every effort will be made to accommodate a customer during any Service Recovery event. Meals vouchers are issued for flights delays or cancellations (within Delta’s control) to a customer under these guidelines:
    *Customer traveling as UMNR
    *Customer with special needs

    Rocky, we value your Platinum Medallion loyalty and hope you will continue to support Delta.”

  5. I was in MSP a week back headed for AMS. The plane was overbooked in economy so Delta was offering $700, meals, and hotel for the night. Since I was in business I couldn’t take it. Part of the come-on was you cold go shopping at the Mall of America. One of the takers had gotten the same deal the previous day. Two days and $1400 in vouchers. Meanwhile the A330 flew with more than 10 empty seats in business. Does this make economic sense?

  6. when i checked in for an sfo to atl flight last week i got a screen that said can u give up ur seat for a voucher it had 4 numbers up to $400 it said pick one or bid i declined those flights are booked like sardines…at least i did not have the bomb sniffing dog rin tin tin next to me this leg ..he was cute but slobbered all over and was stressed when his handler went to the ladies room as he jumped on me and i was covered with dog hair and slobber on my way to atl and sfo a long night …. fyi


    Go read some Ralph Nader articles on how he handles airlines

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