Delta HOOUs are “enhanced” AKA downgraded – NO more non-perishable snacks!

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HOOU updated

NEW Delta HOOU Coupons

What you are looking at above is the new, as early as tomorrow I am told, HOOUs that medallions will sometimes get when they are not upgraded.

delta boarding pass hoou have one on us drink snack coupon for elite medallion flyers delta points blog

OLD Delta HOOU coupons

The wording on the OLD ones has included the phrase NON-PERISHABLE snacks unlike the adjusted wording you see above.

1 year hoou have one on us delta coupone delta points blog

The online check-in printed ones have had different wording on them than the medallion HOOU we get or ones from Skybonus points! These have NOT had the wording NON-PERISHABLE snacks. So now they are at least consistent and all the same wording. I also received this quote to print from Delta CORP today:

“We constantly review and evaluate ways to offer travel extras for our Sky Priority customers and occasionally, we make changes based on business considerations, customer feedback and other factors.” – Delta CORP

Ugg. So, if you are underage, and happen to be a medallion, you can just buy a drink for someone over 21 next to you – WAIT – NO, that is against the law so don’t do that! I guess you just don’t get to use it as you have in the past. Sorry. Same goes for those who don’t drink. Sorry for you too!

What do you think of Delta’s latest enhancement to the medallion program? – René
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  1. Well that’s a bummer. I’ve relied on those several times to get the boxed snacks when I’ve been too rushed to buy lunch while connecting.

    They don’t seem to realize that the little things do add up for us customers…

  2. Too bad but why I only buy deeply discounted first class tickets! The ability to do SDC without worrying about fare class, not having to wait for an upgrade to not clear, and getting actual snacks or a meal with my drink = priceless!

  3. Last Friday one of the flight attendants said that flights under 700 miles wouldn’t offer non-perishables, but that lead me to believe that flights over 700 miles would. I guess Delta wants us all to be alcoholics…

  4. “We constantly review and evaluate ways to offer travel extras for our Sky Priority customers and occasionally, we make changes based on business considerations, customer feedback and other factors.”

    Translation, we felt like messing you over a little more.

    Mine will be going on ebay.

  5. This is just getting ridiculous. Hey Delta, instead of singling out a large number of your medallions how about coming up with a snack solution for those who are underage or don’t drink. Personally I feel this is just another lousy way to save a buck at your “valued” and loyal customers expense!

  6. Rene, good find. Thanks for pointing that out. Stinks for those who used them on longer domestic flights to grab a snack when riding back in coach.

  7. I checked in and printed my HOOU around 6PM for my flight tomorrow and got one that has the non-perishable snack offered. Not that it will do me any good, as nearly all the flights I take are under an hour duration and there are no for-purchase snacks boarded. I always whine to myself that it really cannot take that much to board them and sell them and it would be money in Delta’s pocket!

  8. But…will they still honor all the preprinted ones I already received in my medallion packet??

  9. It stinks!. I don’t drink and I always used these to buy a Pringles or M & M’s. Surely a $3 Pringles or a $2.50 M & M’s can’t cost Delta more than one of the drinks the coupons can now only be used for. So, to me, it looks like Delta only values the customers who drink alcohol. Nice.

  10. Uggh! Delta is encouraging pax to DRINK instead of eating a snack. I know crew is happiest when we are snoozing but this is ridiculous. When traveling with my kids that’s what I used HOOU for, the snack packs would feed them AND keep them busy for a while. It is apparent that Delta hates family travellers and wants to court solely the boozy businessman.

  11. I might contact them. I might also just start using them every time I get them on the drinks and then not take even one sip. As I only drink water or OJ on a plane generally. I do use them for snacks occasionally. So most of the coupons I have usually go unused. I see now that was a mistake, I should have just let them waste the alcohol.

    Delta just floors me sometimes.

  12. non drinker
    want the snacks back

    or should i pound hoou shots on the plane then get in my rental car and drive an hour to the hotel?

    Yeah Nice move Delta

    Complaint to be filed.

  13. I got my new “enhanced” HOOU this morning for my flight tomorrow. No more snack box, which really stinks because my business trips are usually four days and start with an early AM flight, essentially making them useless for booze on the outbound. I guess I’ll be taking “one for the road” to enjoy in my hotel room sometime during my trip…

  14. I’ve not ever used one of these coupons because I don’t drink. My husband has never used one because he doesn’t drink on airplanes. Now, if delta could figure out a way to allow me to use coupons to get in the sky club the one time a year I have time to spend in one then maybe they’d have vaue for us.

  15. I can’t say I’m surprised. Last March, I flew DTW-LAS (airtime 4+ hours) and was told that the catering company didn’t stock the flight with snack boxes. I flew up front and enjoyed a decent lunch but, as I disembarked, had a coach passenger next to me commenting to his wife that he was starving and shocked that no premium snacks were available. I relayed my dissatisfaction in the form of an online complaint and received a token response of minimal sympathy, little comprehension and no offer of SkyMiles to compensate the fact that my HOOU voucher was worthless on that flight for purposes of obtaining food. I also discovered last month that the new standard in terms of stocking flights with snack boxes has been tweaked from “2¼ hours scheduled” to “2¼ hours wheels up to wheels down”. This means DFW-ATL no longer has premium snacks! That’s no way to compete with American on a major route which almost always flies at 95% of capacity if not more.

  16. Thanks Delta! The devaluation of the SkyPesos simply wasn’t enough!

    I submitted a complaint. Feel free to copy/paste.

    Please advise me why the non-perishable snack does not appear as a redemption option for the “Have one on us” coupon displayed on the boarding pass. As someone who travels approximately 4,000 miles each week on Delta flights without any meal service, the non-perishable snack was greatly appreciated. Additionally, as someone who does not consume alcohol, I feel that the coupon no longer holds any value whatsoever.

    It would be an excellent representation of your commitment to ALL Delta medallion flyers if you were to reinstate the non-perishable snack as an item included on the coupon and not simply appear to be catering to those wishing to have a free drink.

  17. I just got a GM Survey from Delta the other day. My complaint is that they don’t offer snack boxes on shorter flights. With connections getting shorter and shorter one usually doesn’t have time between flights to grab food, a snack box on ATL to FLL could be a godsend.

  18. Big disappointment for me since I don’t drink and do actually enjoy the boxed snacks, and rarely get upgraded (currently Gold). Sigh…

  19. I’m just trying to figure out why they got rid of the $3 “snack”, while keeping the $7 booze.

  20. Complaint filed two months ago – never received a reply
    I don’t drink either, but alas, I have been redeeming for the alcohol and enjoying not drinking it. Petty? Absolutely! Satisfying? you be the judge…

  21. I recently was made aware of the new no-snack policy. The flight attendant seemed to be well aware of the backlash. She recommended I take the little bottle of booze home with me – since I said I don’t want to drink. I’m starting to stockpile these at home now – partly to either use later myself, or give away, or like David said – just for the satisfaction to force them to give something away that they’re obligated to. Definitely petty on my part. But does EVERYTHING have to get worse for us? If they’re trying to be just another airline where loyalty goes out the window – congratulations, they’ve managed to do a fine job.

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