Has anyone noticed Delta is now interacting with us on social media?

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Alex from Delta responds to Delta fans on Facebook

One of the things I have commended American Airlines for, and have been critical with Delta over, is their personal response on social media. If you were to look over the past few years you would be hard pressed to find “banter” with those on Facebook other than a cut-n-paste response.

delta better on twitter 1

The same thing on Twitter. If you were to tweet something fun or just good things about our Delta it would go into digital never-never land. Now, it seems, they have some folks at the outstanding @DeltaAssist checking over when you do tweet to @Delta and are responding in a light hearted way. Impressive.

delta better on twitter 3

For a long time any tweet I ever made to Delta was ignored but recently I even got a fun tweet back when talking about D.K. one of the best Skyclub reps Delta has at DTW! Most refreshing and fun to see.

delta better on twitter 2

But the only risk of being involved is being cautious what you do say. We all know one wrong tweet can end up on CNN and create a media storm in no time. Also, a tweet back can become a joke to readers rather than helpful like the stock-ish answer back to my fellow blogger PM&M above. This was NOT the response he was looking for. 😉

I am pleased Delta is going this way. To me the pro’s outweigh the risks of engaging flyers. It is nice to feel appreciated by Delta in social media. Plus, like the OLD idea of loyalty programs, having that “warm fuzzy feeling” about a company can make you choose to buy a ticket with them again over another airline – maybe silly – but I think it has an impact on folks buying decisions. – René
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  1. I have noticed that they can be quite funny via DM when using @DeltaAssist. Good for Delta! Lighten up and have some fun!

  2. i have not gotten a response the 2 times i @DeltaAssist the last tweet was because i got demoted 3 rows back to end up with Rin Tin Tin drooling on myseat he was a fed dog (guno?)going to detroit for a job ..his first flight and he was nervous//he had 2 handler and when one went to the ladies room he freaked out…jumped on me.scratched my arm and got drool and dog hair all over me…but never heard bacdk –and this was in March…

  3. First, its nice to see my tweet made the blog! Second, I think Delta is doing a great job increasing their engagement with us flyers on social media. Its actually a pretty tough thing to do for a company as massive as Delta. Oh, and I’d fly Delta for DeltaAssist alone. Those guys are freakin awesome.

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