To DING or not to DING – that is the question!

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to ding or not to ding that is the question

So it is time to challenge one of the greatest taboos ever in the #AVgeek universe – that is the shiny red FA call button and is it ever OK to use it!

You see I have been this evening, after a spirited tweet fest with @DeltaAssit about just when a 1st class flyer should be served a meal, been chatting with a reader.

call button

Now I would really like to know if I am in left field here. You see Eric is in the camp of those who thinks hitting the FA call button is akin to yelling fire in a crowded movie theater (I am taking some liberties here but you get the idea – he is strongly against it).

empty woodford from eric

Eric tweeted me this – just so mean!

I, on the other hand, am for it when it needs to be used. Like when, let’s say you are on a flight and the FAs decide for 2 hours to hide up in the galley and never come by once. Or when you are in the window and your seat mate is sound asleep and you are out of Woodford – then you hit the shiny red button!

What do you think Delta Points readers? Is Eric right and it should really be removed from Delta jets or am I right that under the right conditions you hit the button and smile at the kind FA that “comes a runnin‘”? – René

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  1. I have never been on an aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines with all of those red arrows on the ceiling, René. If I saw that, I would be hesitant to touch anything up there!

    In my opinion, the flight attendant call button should only be used when you need something but are unable to leave your seat — for example, a drink when you are thirsty but seated at a window seat on a crowded airplane. It should not be used gratuitously or excessively by any means; but I do not believe that it should only be used in emergencies — otherwise, the safety video would direct otherwise.

    “If there is anything we can do to make your flight more comfortable, please let us know.”

  2. If they didnt want me to push the button it would 1. Not be lit up and shiny and make a fun noise… and 2. Not serve woodford reserve. Those two are a terrible 1-2 punch straight to having an awesome flight town.

  3. What’s most unfortunate is when they are hiding up front and don’t respond after you hit the button and you’re trapped at your seat. Also I discovered That the light on my aircraft turned off after five minutes of non response. I wrote to Delta on that one…I dinged at least five times before someone appeared. And it was by accident, they were walking by and I had to get their attention. But that was a rare occurance I believe.

  4. My experience (flying coach) has hardly been that a FA will “come a runnin’.” There’s a 30% chance the ding and lit call light will just be ignored.

    I will use the button (or attempt to) only when — as others have said — I’m in a window seat and have a legitimate need.

  5. Yup I ding it when I need it especially if I am on on an asile. I’m pretty used to the crop dusting by now.

  6. The buttons are there to be used. If they were emergency only, they’d have a cover to open before pushing.

    If you see a FA and can’t get their attention or walk over to them, I see no problem with pushing the button to request service. I’ve seen plenty of FAs ignore the light, so clearly they’re not meant for emergencies.

  7. Here is the problem: FA’s fall into two categories, the good ones and let’s just say the not so good ones. The good ones (let’s make that the excellent ones) continuously patrol the aisle to see if anyone needs anything. That makes it unnecessary to have to hit the FA button — they are always walking up and down. The not so good flight attendants do not walk up and down and simply hide up front. They are the ones who do not answer the FA button either. They are the ones who should be reported on The way I handle this is that after each flight, I go to and praise the good ones saying this FA would make DL proud and should be cloned. When I get that occasional bad one, I also report that saying that this FA is not up to par (and reference prior parses for the good FA’s) and should be sent back for a refresher course. He or she does not measure up to the standards DL has built up over the years. Finally, in your case, don’t push the button, it won’t do any good. The best move is to go up to the galley and tell the FA directly what you need. Unfortunately, you disturb your seat mate, but that is the price to get what you need.

  8. The standard walk around for FAs is 15 mins in domestics. Red eyes it may go up to 20. The loops are shorter in Business Elite, I’ve seen that as tight as every 5 mins. I saw every 5 mins in domestic first yesterday.

    BUT, if that isn’t happening, I have no issues with pointing the index out and giving a buzz.

  9. You are correct, Rene. I’ve had the identical situations befall me. Your ding was apt, just as mine was.

  10. i never get meals in domestic first class even atl to sfo too short i guess?????

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