SBN South Bend “International” to spend 1.5 Million in improvements – how about a CRJ700?

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SBN south Bend Airport delta points mileage run

I hate to start the weekend on a down note and yes I get these kinds of improvements to our local regional airport to change it over to an “international” airport will be good for our local economy – yada yada yada!

How about taking just a little bit of that Pot-O-Irish-Gold (per this WNDU report) and try to talk Delta into bringing something other than barbie 50 seat jets to my beloved SBN airport. I know this is just a personal rant and really does not affect most readers; heck I know some readers are seeing my words and gloating and they cannot wait to tweet me that their home town airport now has 717 or CRJ900 service (grrr – yes you know who you are). But then again it a Friday PM post so I get to vent just a little bit today 😉

Who knows, maybe the added perks and traffic to SBN will merit the powers that be at the Delta mothership to at long last send some upgraded birds to the land of the Golden Dome and all things Irish. [deep sigh] – OK rant over, thanks for listing, we now resume our regularly scheduled blogging!

Have a great and safe weekend everyone and hope to see you on a Delta jet, in a Skyclub or somewhere in-between soon! – René
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  1. René – you know that a paltry $1.5M is not enough to bribe Delta. The only thing that will move SBN up in the 7/9 ranks will be butts-in-seats.

    Perhaps you should rant about why South Bendians don’t fly more??? Or develop a tourist attraction or two…

  2. SBN used to be a powerhouse, but they’ve been coasting on their reputation for years now. And they stole their airport director from CVG!

  3. Hello from a new reader! I fly out of Green Bay WI (GRB), and we have the same issue with our carriers (mainly Delta, United and American; Allegiant went 30 miles south to Appleton/ATW a few years ago).

    We also live in CRJ hell, too, although Delta’s plans, teeny as they are, are still bigger than the typical United or American birds. I have found, though, that the last flight of the night from DTW is usually on a bigger plane because it turns around and flies back to DTW and then on to an East Coast destination first flight out in the morning.

    We now have an Atlanta direct flight, and while I love it, I hate that my last couple of flights on it have been half full at best. Nice for me, not so good for keeping the flight.

    However, the *best* time to get a big bird into or out of Austin Straubel is on a Packers game day. Hooray for football!

  4. How novel! Unlike most of the other travel bloggers, you actually fly from one of the regional airports, instead of the powerhouses where you can actually get a direct flight to someplace. Those propeller planes are akin to flying in a blender. Our little airport actually lengthened the runway for Delta to bring Bigger Airplanes. Allegiant came into town, then hightailed out before the end of 90 days.

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