Some interesting tweets from the Delta pilots union meeting this week in Chicago

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This week the Delta pilots union is meeting in Chicago to discuss all things that affect them. Today the top brass at Delta talked to them and shared how, due to the outstanding profitability of Delta, that the profit sharing will be way up this year. Good for the hard working Delta folks and that makes me most happy (just wish it did not come at the cost of $29+1’s for the Skyclubs).

One of the bits that grabbed my attention in the twitter feeds was what I have highlighted above, that is that fact that there are still a HUGE number of CRJ200’s out there compared to the large regional jets (348 vs. 281). I cannot wait for ALL the 717’s to come online as they can then free up more routes for the larger regionals and perhaps one day SBN can have a jet larger than a 50 seat sardine can (even if my buddie MJ still has fond memories for how cool they once were)!

delta mec tweets

The next one is all about WiFi. We know international GoGo is coming more and more to Delta’s international fleet. It seems, per the tweets, Delta pilots will get free access. How neat. Maybe I can have their code they get when they come onboard if they don’t plan to use it 🙂 .


757 seats from delta-com

The other bit was what seat on the 757 new configuration will be for crew rest. Why should this matter to you? There are times having a crew person next to you is not as nice as a “normal” flyer. Why? On a sleep flight you and your seat-mate will probably both sleep. The crew person may have to get up after a few hours or there could be a curtain for privacy and that can encroach on your space. Either way, I will be avoiding 4B if I have a choice from now on (not that I don’t like chatting with the crew mind you). – René

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  1. Is the crew seat only for International flights? I was on this plane from JFK-LAX in seat 4A with no pilot next to me.

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