The Palazzo IHG Las Vegas Nevada – Delta Points review -#BAcon2014

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IHG The Palazzo LAS delta points blog

It really is true that EVERYTHING is just big in Vegas and pulling up to The Palazzo does that very well. This place, with it’s sister the Venetian, is a massive complex and space.


The lobby of The Palazzo is massive. Ceilings, art, you name it, all of it is massive. We missed the IHG desk (letters are 20 feet up in the air) for check-in just left of the main area but there was no real line so no big deal. They have a person standing at end of the line who asks your name then hands you off to the next attendant. It is Vegas after all, everything has to be over the top (good and bad as you will see).

Suite upgrade IHG The Palazzo LAS Delta Points blog (7)

We were offered, due to our IHG Platinum status, an upgraded suite over their standard suite that is still a huge room. This one I was told had a slightly obstructed view. Hummm… But seeing double doors usually means something good.

Suite upgrade IHG The Palazzo LAS Delta Points blog (6)

The room was very big. It has an entrance area with 1/2 bath. Plus, just off that area, an exercise room with equipment.

Suite upgrade IHG The Palazzo LAS Delta Points blog (5)

Then a dining room and living room area.

Suite upgrade IHG The Palazzo LAS Delta Points blog (1)

One of my biggest gripes about this area was the desk. Yes, there were some extra power points in the form of a Triplight surge strip next to the printer (ok that was impressive, but it was just about out of ink 🙁 ) but the chair was completely worthless. I don’t care how much you have spent on the room, a comfortable work chair for work is a MUST! Learn this hotels!

Suite upgrade IHG The Palazzo LAS Delta Points blog (2)

Then we have the bedroom that was large and spacious. The bed was comfortable and soft I just wish one of the 4 pillows had been just a little bit soft.

Suite upgrade IHG The Palazzo LAS Delta Points blog (3)

The bathroom was massive as well. Not just a full size Jacuzzi tub,

Suite upgrade IHG The Palazzo LAS Delta Points blog (4)

But also a shower about as big as mine at home (just with more water jets).

my view IHG Platinum The Palazzo LAS delta points blog

But come morning I at last got to use the remote to open the power blinds to take a grand look at the Vegas strip. Uh, yeah. Not so much.

sound levels from my ac outside my suite at the palazzo las delta points blog

I did not sleep all that great due to the fact that outside this suite is what you see above by my sound level app. A very loud A/C unit that had a constant loud drone and buzzzzzzzzzz. Anytime you are approaching street noise levels it is too dang loud!

happy hour at bar The Plazzo LAS Delta Points blog

We did have a drink during happy hour at one of the many restaurants (Morels) at the hotel. This, due to the fact that one of the only “good” coupons we got for a BOGOF drink was on the casino floor. The price was so-so, $16 with tip for two small glasses of house red wine, but then we went to use the coupon at the casino bar and paid, with same tip, $17 for the BOGOF drinks. Sigh.

So no breakfast perks, no free wifi perks, no free water in the room, no real value in any coupons at check-in (not to mention no show tickets or anything like that) and an upgrade to the worst suite in the hotel. Plus on top of that you have the $25 resort fee even on a free award night – JOY! I even reached out to @IHGCare on twitter and was told the hotel would contact me but that did not happen. IHG is NOT SPG – that is for sure.

I will not ever be returning to The Palazzo and am in many ways sad I wasted my IHG yearly free nights certs from my Chase IHG card at this hotel (I have two each year one for me and one for Lisa). Personally I would look at the many other good choices for a hotel in Las Vegas! They have built this thing – HUGE – maybe they can now work on customer service and IHG Platinum member appreciation next? – René

(UPDATE): I at last spoke with the Desk MGR at The Palazzo. Without going into specifics, the general tone was very unappreciative of IHG. I was firmly told they were NOT an IHG property and they just needed a loyalty program due to so many guests requesting it. I was also asked for ways to improve to prevent events like mine but if The Palazzo does not embrace the IHG loyalty program, and IHG does not have a consistent set of perks within their family of affiliates, there is not much hope for improvement!

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  1. Hey, even I got dinged for a resort fee here at the Four Seasons.

    Howver, IHG Plat has no benefits! Not breakfast, not water and (whilst it is a benefit) you rarely get upgraded either. Don’t think I have ever been upgraded to a suite at an IHG hotel. You did get what you should have got.

    You should have got free wifi but I assume that was bundled into the resort fee anyway.

  2. Rene, having now stayed at these hotels likely north of 30 times(yes, I’m a degenerate)unless you are staying over New Years or a fight night, never ever use the free cert at the Venetian/Palazzo.
    You can usually do a Priceline Express deal for less than $125, often much less either of these hotels. You may even get lucky and get to stay next door at the Wynn/Encore.
    And as you said, rarely do either hotel ever recognize IHG benefits at all.
    As a side note, every once in a while the front desk will waive the ridiculous resort if you happen to find the right check-in person.
    Oh and BTW, the “free” drink coupons and associated coupon book are given to EVERYBODY regardless of how the room was paid for(thru IHG, thru the actual hotel, Priceline, Hotwire etc…).

  3. Are you an Ambassador or just a IHG Platinum? IHG has always had a backward program when it comes to Intercontinental hotels. As a Plat, I have gotten suites at the IC Geneva and Montreal, as well as nothing at IC Toronto-Yorkville. It is my understanding, that anything they give Plats (in particular on award stays) is basically a gift and the hotel as the IC hotel isn’t required to do anything.

  4. I just tried to use my cert there a few weeks ago. I couldn’t access it on the web (Even though the calendar said it was available) and when I called I got transferred around several times only to be told the Palazzo does not accept the certificates, ever. Obviously that was incorrect if you actually used one. How did you book it?

  5. I was just looking into using my night @ Palazzo. Thanks for the informative post. If I can use it when rates are $300+ maybe. If not maybe I’ll go to NYC instead. Has anyone used it there with success? Cheers!

  6. Bummer! Who would have thought a huge suite with its own workout room would have turned into such a bad trip, literally. The architect should be shot for putting such great room in such a bad location. No one paying the going rate would ever stay in that room.

  7. Back in March, I stayed at the Tropicana for the first and last time. It’s a DoubleTree but barely. My experience wasn’t nearly so bad as yours but I most definitely was nonplussed by the HHonors breakfast which they offered for HH Gold members. It was sort of continental but with a strictly limited quantity. They did some things right but I won’t return. Ironically, last month, I stayed at a DoubleTree overseas for the first time and was thrilled. It was the DoubleTree near the Tower of London. The property not only is a credit to the entire Hilton brand and Hilton family but exceeds every other DoubleTree I’ve visited and most mainline Hilton resorts to boot! Anyone traveling in the Thames estuary would do well to consider it for accommodations.

  8. I checked in at noon today for my free IHG night. Got the upgrade without asking. Beautiful room again as per last year. Fantastic view from 27 floor of Trump’s, Treasure Island and the mountains in the distance. Front desk clerk very pleasant, brought the manager over to welcome me. Had a great lunch at Grand Lux cafe. Valet parking and wi-fi included. Can’t think of anything to complain about. Maybe because I’m paying for tomorrow night? Although I booked that through Points Hound.

  9. Since writing, last night they also sent up a nice fruit plate with 2 different kinds of apple, 2 different kinds of pears, a banana, orange, grape cluster and 2 bottles of water. All seems well here. No idea why you had a bad experience.

  10. Today was my paid (Points Hound) night. I got back here and there is an even larger fruit plate waiting. This is over-kill as I’m leaving early in the morning so won’t be touching much of that. But it was nice to get 2 more water bottles, as the room ones here are marked five dollars. I doubt though that the Vegas tap water will kill you, and there’s an ice machine down the hall, but its nice to have a bottle to take out in this heat.
    I’m no high-roller, haven’t stayed here (Palazzo) since my free night last November, so the Platinum treatment has been a pleasant surprise after your critique. Maybe now they did fix their IHG issues?

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