Delta Round The World Skymiles Awards to end 1JAN2015? Another “stealth” devaluation?!

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the end of delta round the world tickets

What you are seeing above, if not more than just a pause or IT issue due to the cursed Skymiles2015 on the way, would be yet another MAJOR devaluation to the Skymiles program and yet one more in a long string of unannounced cuts to the program from Delta!

delta airlines round the world skymiles chart 180000 on sale for 162000

I reached out to Delta a while back that the above Skymiles award chart for RTW tickets was missing on when you click on THIS link (as it still is). You can however look at the “way back machine” from last August of 2013 to see what was there. I was told by a company rep there were, at the time I asked (20AUG2014), no changes that had happened to the program. That may not have been correct. We shall see and I will update this post when I have more info!

This is still developing and I have a query in to Delta about this. If RTW tickets are truly going away after 1JAN2015 we had better get to booking and calling the round the world desk SOON! – René

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  1. @#*& Delta!

    I have been collecting points towards a grand RTW with BE seating for our family of 4 in summer 2016. Have 700K in my account. I was really aiming to accumulate the million plus points in my account so booking would be simple. Guess I have to find some way to pull the RTW planning together in the next month or so, and do it in coach. Or stitch it together with one-way awards at some later date. Spouse has 270K to add, but it adds undesirable complexity to split reservations for a multi-segment globetrot.

    @#*&! @#*&! @#*&!

  2. And yet you continue to love this airline. What will it take, actual knives in your back?

  3. Lets hope it’s an error. With virtually no time to plan a RTW
    Trip pulling this out from under our legs
    Would be heinous.
    I’m hoping its IT error
    Awaiting your response Rene. Thank you as
    Always for your insight

  4. To Vicente – did you really expect to get 4 seats on each flight in the low bucket? Yes, it does happen, but to try and go RTW for 4 people would be an amazing feat, truly amazing. Good luck. I did BE RTW with my wife and it was a nightmare planning, but it did eventually happen.

  5. So much for something else NOT to look forward to as I was hoping to enjoy a retirement traveling RTW after my 20 + years of loyal Delta every week business travel.

  6. This is a crappy move Delta. The reason is lame. The result is a disappointment. Sure, we can book one way awards 1 JAN but perhaps some of us need help booking a RTW trip. Thanks for dropping that help. My 750K+ miles seem a little less valued today and my desire to spend them with Delta to actually circumnavigate the globe is about nonexistent.

  7. So glad I was able to do my RTW in BE this year. It was amazing. There are quite a few differences between sky team partners so watch which partners you choose. I was flying solo and had only cared about the start and end dates so was flexible. Having Platinum status helped too for changes. Had changes twice and no change fees due to elite status. Yes, I am bragging. I saved for years and used mostly points transferred from AMEX. Wiped out my balance. Very worth it to spend the year before racking up MQM miles on my single trips. I can see the game of frequent flyer miles just getting harder and harder to play. In the 10 years I have been flying mostly on Delta the service and ease of traveling has gone down. It is about time for me to find a new carrier. Maybe Alaska or a foreign carrier. Booked a one-way in First to Thailand for December and it was SOOOOOOO much easier. Only 80k miles.

  8. Delta knows it holds all the cards now. It is a very profitable airline and can call the shots. They don’t have any real competition from US carriers flying internationally – AA and UA. OK, SWA and B6 (Jet Blue), but only to Mexico and Caribbean. Right now, Delta is the best of the big 3 carriers. DL service from Check-in to Gate Agents to FAs is great compared to the others. Food is better on DL as well. AA was once my airline of choice (over 500K miles in AAdvantage), but DL has surpassed them.

    I would guess that DL has many corporate accounts so no matter what an employee thinks of the SkyMiles program devaluation, they will still be put in a DL seat because of the contract their employer has with DL.

    For me, I’d rather be on DL flight with reduced SkyMiles2015 than on AA or UA to the destinations I fly. Remember, UA is also devaluing their program and once the merger with US Air is completed, AA will devalue theirs as well – probably in Jan 2016.

    Like it or not, DL is the best we have at the moment. Until another carrier has the number of flight options, class of service, etc. that DL offers; DL will dictate how the industry will go forward for the next five years or more.

  9. Some of us are trapped at a Delta hub. Personally I’m out of Atlanta, so they are really the only game in town.

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