Ruh Roh! Delta Redcoat boards flight over Comfort+ overhead issue! Just what is next?

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fight over c+ space

You know after 100+ segments last year, and 20 segments already this year, I have never seen a Delta Redcoat on-board a jet unless they were the lead gate agent (GA) handling the flight and saying good-bye to us all.

But I knew something like this was going to happen with Delta’s promise for “Dedicated” overhead bin space for C+ flyers. This time nothing happened. No police were called and it did not go beyond the Redcoat coming on-board to hear the passenger’s gripe. But that was this time.

Delta has chosen to use the word “Dedicated”. According to the dictionary that means, in this context:

“used only for one particular purpose” and “given over to a particular purpose”

You see, Delta has taken the stand that, despite that definition, that this space is not for the purpose of use only by C+ flyers and I have seen mixed results week one. Now we also know the flight attendant (FA) instruction sheet tells us that they are to accommodate C+ bags somewhere else if the C+ space is full. But what if the GA blocks a C+ flyer who is running late from bringing bags on-board due to all the bins being full? How can the FA help if they are on-board and the GA stops you from boarding with your bag.

Herein lies the problem for me and why I think one day we will see an incident on-board over this. This time it worked out just fine and I applaud the Redcoat for what he or she did. I hope I am wrong about this. What do you think? Is this a non-issue or is overhead space so important that this could cause issues down the road? – René

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  1. I could definitely see this becoming an issue if not already snowballing into one. I just finished a set of international flights on Delta were I witnessed a number of people fighting over bin space. I could only imagine it getting worse with “dedicated” space being taken. Much like when Econ passengers use the bin space in first/business.

  2. Why not tag the C+ bags, like the pink tags, so easy, so easy to tell then for the FA

  3. Its going to be an issue with passengers bringing on more bags and larger carry ons than they should, so there’s a mad dash to be first to board in order to get bin space and several times I see coach bags being put in the front bins when the FA is busy so when someone is late there is usually little or no space for their bags whether they are sitting in the front or back. Also some get very upset if you even touch or try to move their bag in an overhead bin so that adds to the stress….its already an issue from what I’ve seen.

  4. What does it mean when a red coat comes on to the plane? I’ve seen it happen before when a woman paid for first class but there was no bin space for her bag so they checked it…she kept complaining so then a red coat came onboard to make sure she was okay.

  5. @Shana – It is rare a Redcoat comes on board as most times an FA, or the FA who is flight leader or head purser deals with the issues.

  6. Problem here is that I did not see anything on the overhead bin spaces above C+ seats that says “dedicated to C+”. Thus, many passengers may not even know they should not use those bins if they are not seating in C+. Other day I was on C+ and got to my bin and there was a carry on bag basically in the middle of the bin where I could not place mine on either side. I gently moved the bag to one side of the bin so I could accommodate mine. Immediately the owner of the bag shouted from her seat:”Hey, are you moving my bag??”. I looked at her with an angry face and said:”I am moving it to the side so I can accommodate mine unless you bought the entire bin space just for yourself. She kept quite kind of feeling embarrassed since other passengers could clearly see how bossy she reacted to me touching her bag. It will be just a matter of time until there will be confrontation over bin space on these planes.

  7. Where the real issue will arise for me is when I have a personal item in the C+ dedicated space for my seat and am asked to remove it and place it under my seat to accommodate a rollerboard from someone on a deeply discounted fare in the back of the plane. No thank you.

  8. I feel for the late C+ passengers, as long as they can find somewhere to stow the bags, I do not see any great harm. But if they were forced to check the bags, then that could be a huge issue. It would be for me.


  9. If Delta isn’t going to actually reserve the space in those bins for Coach+ like they implied they were going to do, they need to start by changing the word from “dedicated” to “designated”. It’s a subtle difference, yes; but could result in one or two less calls to the police.

  10. The answer is so simple: tag the bags. That, and police the policy. We have a workable rule – one item in the bin and one under the seat in front of you – but it is largely ignored by passengers and FAs alike. Since we can’t seem to police ourselves and so many people grab for what they can get, we are forced to find a solution for what shouldn’t be a problem. I think the easiest is just to visibly tag bags allowed in the overhead and actually enforce the rule.

  11. It is worse than that. On my recent flight from SAN TO ATL the bins were too small and taken up with Delta safety type items. We had to put out overhead 3 rows back and trying to retrieve them on exit was a real pain.

    They are also supposed to be serving complimentary alcohol in comfort+. They charged the customers in the row in front of us. Needless to say, I brought it up and the FA advised the supervisor told him to do that. I sent him back to the supervisor and they stopped charging after that. I don’t know if those passengers got a refund.

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