ALERT: Tons of Delta schedule changes have loaded today! CHECK YOUR TRIPS

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delta schedule changes loaded 15march

I love kittens, chocolate and Woodford Reserve. What I love more than ANY of those is the mighty Delta schedule change and lots of them have loaded today.

Now some helpful tips that can make it so great for you. First, read this post.

Next, know there is fudge room. I have had changes in as little as 15 minute allow BIG changes. Just ask the reps if it is enough and see if their computers will allow an even exchange. You can often find MUCH better routes.

Or, if there is a BIG change, before you call look at all the “legal” routes from A-B and try to ask for the ones you want that are best for you whatever that “best” may be.

Next, I strongly suggest you NEVER just click accept. Things can go VERY wrong and often do so let the rep “clean up” the reservation for you and do the accepting because if thing go sideways they can fix it right then and there.

Lastly be sure to check your connection time. Even a 5 minute change could bump you into an illegal connection and you can work that for better flights as well.

Questions? Fire away – René

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  1. If the changes are all less than 5 minutes and doesn’t affect my layovers or anything, should I still call or is it OK to click accept?

  2. full disclosure on my question above, this is a PNR with 4 people, 2 flying on a companion rocket from delta amex and 2 flying on sky pesos all in FC (Family summer vacation) It took them 2 hours to get the reservation correct when I made it, so I def don’t want it messed up, it might take decades to fix

  3. Thanks for the alert! I did not have any changes that I could use BUT I did find that on 3 flights my seats had mysteriously been changed to the middle or window from the aisle …

  4. Is it worth trying to change a flight that has been changed by 20ish minutes? I already had a 5 hour layover and now it’s even longer.

  5. BE VERY CAREFUL when rebooking… it is trying to downgrade me to basic economy (E) from basic main cabin (V) when I try to rebook online…

  6. @Douglas – And that, for example, is why you NEVER DO THAT – Please always call people. Call, call, call!

  7. Can you please explain what goes wrong when clicking”accept”. I did that already and now I’m worried. Thanks!

  8. @Shana – We are talking Delta IT here. If all goes well, good for you. But what can happen is:
    1) Flights disappear
    2) They charge you more money or points
    3) Can’t undo if things go wrong
    4) Reservation gone
    5) Upgrade issues
    6) Seat issues
    I could go on and on all day long. I never ever click. I call.

  9. I just completed a DTW/MCO round trip with my family. My wife and I each had an AMEX Delta BOGO certificate, so each kid flew free.

    From the time we bought the tickets (7-mos out) to the time we traveled, we were disrupted FOUR times! Twice for changes in planes and twice for random seat changes — with no explanation at all. My six year old was about to have to sit by herself on the plane. (We wouldn’t have boarded in the circumstance.)

    I understand equipment can change, particularly given a long time from booking to travel. However random seat changes, when I had paid for EC+ seats for each of us (non-status flyers) is really irritating. DeltaAssist had the nerve to tell me that my six year old daughter’s original seat was “no longer available.” (We eventually got it sorted out.)

    What kind of way is this to run an airline? We book early, and always get tossed around even with the seats are all revenue tickets. We always by EC+.

    DeltaAssist is great trying to make things right, but I’m tired of having to visit the website every few weeks to make certain nothing cataclysmic has changed.

    Beginning to hate this airline (but I know the others are worse). Let me buy my tickets and leave my itinerary alone!

  10. @John – That is why the loss of Award Wallet and Delta is such a big deal to this day. They would email alert you very quickly when there was a seat change (unlike Delta)!

  11. Okay, thanks Rene. I just checked my flight and it looks okay so hopefully nothing goes wrong. Thanks!

  12. Don’t forget if there’s a big enough change, you can cancel your flight and have it refunded.

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