Interesting new Lufthansa 1st class survey. Getting inside the minds of the airlines.

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It is hard to complain much about Lufthansa 1st class. It really is a treat. Delta may call their international business product “Delta ONE” now but it is nothing like Lufthansa 1st class. And with the broken award calendar, you may just spend as many points as the now devalued United awards on Lufthansa. But I digress. Back on point.

Delta, when SkyRubles 2015 first came out, had a LONG survey sent out to many of us about what we think about the program. Clearly they did not listen. But it did give us some interesting insight into what they wanted to know.

Lufthansa just sent me a long survey and you can click on the first slide then go next, next, next to see them all full screen:

Lufthansa 1

Lufthansa 2

Lufthansa 3

Lufthansa 4

Lufthansa 5

Lufthansa 6

Lufthansa 7

Lufthansa 8

Lufthansa 9

Lufthansa 10

Lufthansa 11

Lufthansa 12

Lufthansa 13

Lufthansa 14

Lufthansa 15

Lufthansa 16

Lufthansa 17

Lufthansa 18

Lufthansa 19

Lufthansa 20

Lufthansa 21

Lufthansa 22

Lufthansa 23

Lufthansa 24

Lufthansa 25

Lufthansa 26

Lufthansa 27

That is quite a long survey and I will be shocked at just how many 1st class flyers take the time to fill all the pages out.

Lufthansa 1st class really is a cut above. The food is very good. The service is impeccable. The product is very good and well taken care of. It is hard to take issue with most of the things they do other than their choice to start removing 1st class from some birds.

I have not flown Lufthansa business class but comparing other BoardingArea bloggers results and posts I have to say Delta’s service and product is far superior to Lufthansa business class offerings, but still no where near a true 1st class experience. What do you think? – René

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  1. I concur. I had the opportunity to fly Lufthansa First Class last year from LAX to MUC……what an opportunity and only wish I could fly that way all the time. I had a lot of first for me that day….caviar, smoked salmon….it was the life 🙂 I am flying British Airways World Traveler Plus….wish I could upgrade…..

  2. Lufthansa first class is one of the best. You are right that their business class is indeed inferior to Delta’s or United’s international business, both in terms of the seat and also food. In my opinion it is the worst business class of any European airline.
    However, in terms of IFE movie and TV selection, and even screen size and resolution, even Lufthansa first class is extremely disappointing (it’s basically the same screen and movie selection as business class). For me it is such a huge part of keeping myself entertained in-flight that I would rather fly other airlines than LH if I’m going to fly in first class.

    United just surprised me with having Tribeca Film Festival selections for a limited time in their IFE. They usually have 10-20 movies in each category (like Action, Comedy, Drama, Kids). Lufthansa might have 2-3 in each category.

  3. Have never had the pleasure of Lufthansa first, but HAVE flown both Lufthansa business and delta business first (or whatever the name of the week is) and delta IS a slightly better product. I think for the price paid BOTH could do better in the catering department…. And don’t get me started on the poor quality if delta lounges since they went to a single lounge rather than the skyclub and separate business class lounge….

  4. Lufthansa 1st is the BEST EVER i have been on… wish i could travel that way all of the time and of course TERMINAL 1 lounge in frandfurt is wow till you get to DULLES airport them the reality sets in what an armpit of an airoirt !!!!

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