The frustration of: Do I or don’t I blog it! Where should I draw the line?

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This post is almost as hard to write as it is to act on. I mean, I have some things that are simple in my blogging life. Take for example a deal or something someone shares with me in private and asks me not to blog about it. No problem, I am on board with that. That is unless someone else posts about it because then it is already out in public and the person who told me is no longer the source.

Some readers were actually upset at me for posting about when Delta was overcharging Medallions for award tickets compared to others. They said now everyone is paying MORE since the “bug” was working in the favor of non-medallions. Yes, that is true, but it makes my head hurt to think that I could just stand by while Delta overcharged medallions (many who are my readers) for awards. No, sorry, I did not and would not keep such a story private.

But what about stuff like this post that was sent to me by I already knew about this bug. I had not posted about it, that is that Delta, over the phone, was charging less “taxes/fees” if you called vs booking online from Europe. I am sure now that this is out in public Delta will fix it so that both online and phone bookings cost the same ridiculous amounts compared to the same flights starting in the USA.

And there is my quandary. I have lots of little Delta bits in my head, some I have found, others told to me in confidence that work out very well for us. I share some of them at events like the Chicago Seminars each year, but ask folks please not to post them as some of them will die if they get internet attention from our Delta mothership.

I have had some folks suggest I just fix this by blogging about things like this in “code” or in a way that travel enthusiasts will understand, but not so much that it blows the deal or the whatever. But then, since not all readers are at the same level of travel understanding, I will be asked for a clear breakdown of what I am talking about (preferably with photos explaining it clearly). I think you see my point. I can not tell that reader go away and come back when you “grow up”. So, to me, code is not an option.

I know I am not the first, or the last for that matter, blogger to have to find a balance with this topic. What do you think. Is there a better solution to matters like these? You tell me! – René

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  1. I think Rene that if you are providing information, and especially the “rightful” information, such as the medallion overcharge glitch, you are doing a great service and no one should complain. As far as blatent “tricks of the trade” and such that help us all, yes, I think in code is fine to separate the true traveler from the occasional one.

    You’re doing great…keep it up!

  2. Thanks for posting this Rene! My opinion is no code, no nonsense and if you have it in your head (via confidential source etc) and feel it’s not right to share – DON’T. I’m totally cool with you keeping that stuff private or sharing on the down low in Chicago as long as those folks keep it down low.

    It’s important to me for you to keep an open and good relationship with Delta because despite how disappointed we are now this too will pass and if we lose your connection we have nothing essentially.

    But you can always email me the juicy stuff 😉

  3. As a non-Delta flyer (most of the time) I can give an unbiased opinion.

    1. Don’t EVER call the Airline
    2. Don’t EVER think about calling the Airline
    3. Don’t blog deals or tricks unless they go public or can’t be taken away
    4. Don’t call the Airline EVER
    5. Don’t blog deals or tricks that the airline can take away

  4. If all else fails, do what feels right. You’ve been doing fine so far. Keep it up.

  5. Thank you for refusing to engage in the moronic “code” blogging. It is the most ridiculous thing out there. We all know about the MS bloggers who write everything in “code” because they think they are fooling the companies they are scamming. Really, they are only fooling their readers. Company employees do read the blogs, and the companies are NOT fooled by the childish code-speak.

  6. Keep doing what you’re doing…it probably isn’t going to make a lot of difference to Delta with their weird pricing. Why can I fly from TVC to Boston for about $350, but it’s going to cost me $1200 to fly to Philly???

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