ALERT: Delta schedule change Saturday is happening again! Please check your flights!

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Oh I love weekends like this. First off, for those of you who don’t yet know it, one of the things more valuable that  GOLD  to a Delta flyer is the “mighty schedule change” rule with Delta (see E8 post). Please take the time to read the linked post before you do anything or ask me anything.

Then, check all your flights as I bet they have changed today, or are in the process of changing, and especially this will be the case if you have any Delta connection regional segments included in your itinerary.

In addition to the linked post, think of ALL your other options open to you. If there is a big enough time change, think about another airport if the flights or the location is better for you. Is there a limit? Generally if inside 100 miles you can get a change done.

This really is a great way to tweak award flights as well that maybe would have cost many more points for other flights! Questions? Fire away.- René

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  1. Just saw my schedule change – thanks for the alert. Trying to change award flights to PIT- CDG -BCN. Right now I route through ATL. 2 questions – 1) the plane is a 757-200 PIT-CDG and seat guru has no map for it. 3 + 3 Seating in economy. Seems like a small plane. IS this better than the A330 300? I’ve already paid extra for the EC seats
    2)Plenty of award availability PIT to CDG, but Delta says Air france is not opening award seats on the CDG – BCN leg. Snagging this flight would lower my overall trip by 5 hours. Does Air France hold out till the end and then open up, or am i out of luck? Any tips?? Thanks!!

  2. @Mike – We can not pick AF C+ seats as they are a different class than Delta. You could maybe get exit row.

  3. Three of my flights were also changed, two requiring rebooking. (Thanks for the heads up, BTW) I checked for alternative flights and available seating in First Class (class booked). Both flights showed availability for seats 1C/D. When I spoke to a Diamond Medallion agent I was told that seats 1C/D were not available on my outbound flight but were available on my connecting flight. I replied that the online seat map showed availability on both flights and asked to speak to a supervisor. The agent came back online to tell me the supervisor released seats 1C/D on the outbound flight with the caution they are reserved for flyers with service animals or disabilities requiring the extra legroom and we could be bumped. I queried why that was only true of the outbound flight and not the connecting flight and asked to speak directly to a supervisor. Debra, the supervisor, told me that, in the past, only the bulkhead in coach was reserved for passengers and service animals but that has changed to include first class. I suggested that may not be the actual reason and that I had read in a travel blog this morning of the issue of first class bulkhead seats being blocked. She back pedaled and said IT was doing a lot of work with seating and perhaps this was one of the results. Believe it or not.

  4. Rene, thanks for responding. My bigger question was even though there is a lot of availability on several flights, CDG-BCN, Delta says I can’t change to one of those flight because Air France hasn’t open up award class seats (through Delta). Do you find this to be typical or am I just unlucky? I just received a pretty bad schedule change and would love to be able to change to this new route. Thanks!

  5. @Mike – Yep, see linked post. Award space on partners must still exist. They can FORCE space on DL metal.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up! I arranged for almost 1,000 additional MQM without changing my larger schedule. Nice!

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