Will Lyft really pay out $500 for new Chicago drivers this time? Is it worth going after?

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500 credit for new lyft drivers chicago

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will recall my Lyft vs Uber comparison post. I have used Lyft exactly twice. It seems drivers do drive for both ride share companies at the same time. So it really gets down to the experience for you and me as a rider.

This past weekend I at last had a chance to use up my lonesome Lyft credit I had in my account (right now both Uber and Lyft offer $20 credits for 1st use as a rider) and had an interesting chat with the driver. It seems Lyft, according to him anyway, is not doing so well against Uber and they are rather desperate to attract new drivers.

Once I got done with my ride my e-mailed receipt included an offer for new DRIVERS for Lyft to get $500 for becoming a Lyft driver. That sounds great. But is it really.

My fellow BA blogger Jen you may also recall jumped on the $1,000 promotion to be a Lyft driver and never saw one cent from it. Will Lyft pull the same thing with this latest $500 promotion? Who knows, but their track record has not been stellar so far, clearly.

As far as from a rider standpoint, I like that they still allow airport pickups much more than Uber does. You can still do the “move the pointer” trick with Uber, request a ride, and then call the driver where you really are, but they don’t all say yes to that request. With Lyft you just request and are done. Simple.

What do you think? Do you like Uber better than Lyft or the other way around. Would you sign up to be a driver and take 30 fares in a month to get a $500 bonus? I would love to know! – René

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  1. I prefer Uber and have found that they pick up at most airports now. Just have to wait for a car that has a permit to do so.

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