Miami to Seattle $278 & 6369MQMs at 4.4CPM weekday Delta Mileage Run

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weekday day trip mia to sea

weekday mia to sea

sea to mia rt

If you don’t mind a redeye, and flying for just about 24 hours round trip, this one will work for you. The lowest rate seems to be from MIA but your are at just about the same number from SEA with a HT to TFD for the find.

It seems, from ITA Matrix anyway, there should be some weekend only dates but I could not find them. Worth a look other months.

Here are the numbers from MIA:

Cost $278

6,369 MQMs at 4.4CPM

Bookable on



  1. I think there must be better ways to spend one’s life than doing an overnight transcon mileage run in Y to accumulate status miles which count for less and less every year, on a carrier that treats its loyal members badly.

  2. Just booked a single day run for a Saturday in October. Now I just have to figure out how to get to Miami from DC for a reasonable price. I also wish that I didn’t have to spend a night on the Friday before, but the cheapest option leaves at 8AM. Of course, as soon as the 24 hour cancellation windows passes, a better run for the same date will probably pop up, but we’ll see if fortune is with me on this one. 😉

    Hopefully doing this on a Saturday will increase my chances of an upgrade.

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