Rookie Wednesday: Never hang up with a Delta rep until…

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

This really is a simple topic but there are few things more important than this one tip as missing this can cost you a ton depending on what you have booked or attempted to change.

First some background information. It is not always easy to find a “good” Delta rep (It is much simpler when you can call the medallion line and this is yet one more reason it is worth it to be an elite with Delta). Either way, when you do find a good rep, you never want to lose this rep and especially so when they are in the middle of working with you.

Anyone who travels and travels often knows the value of HUCB, that is, “hang up call back”. They know, often in a matter of moments, the practiced:

“Something just came up, leave EVERYTHING as-is and I will get back to you when I can”

Or in other words, making any excuse to get off the line with this bad worthless disastrous rep you have had the misfortune to end up with. Even with our beloved Delta you can run into reps who make up rules, don’t know the rules or are unwilling to work with you on the simplest of requests.

Now when you do find a great rep there are a few important things to make sure you keep in mind and the point of today’s post. To me they are:

  • Be patient
  • Confirm requests
  • Request e-mail
  • Check online
  • Show appreciation

The first one sounds simple but it is amazing to me how many folks can “sound” rushed and impatient in their voices. They can sound gruff and rushed when they are not. They may be thinking of other things or whatever, but if you find a good rep really try to sound patient and calm and that you have all the time in the world. A rep will appreciate you are not stressing them when they are helping you. Sounds simple, but has an impact.

Next, again sounds simple, but make sure you listen when the rep is repeating what you want and make sure you are crystal clear on just what you are asking for and what you are willing to accept upfront. Nothing is more frustrating than a rep working hard to get what you wanted and then to find out that is NOT what you wanted and they have to start over (would you like that at your job)!

Always get an e-mail confirmation. In today’s world you can often get this while you are live on the phone with your helpful rep. Then, please pay VERY close attention to all the details. Check the flights (if air). Check the dates & times. Check the seats and cabin of service. Check the miles pulled or returned. Check the prices and the taxes. Check all the details. All of this quickly while still on the phone with the rep. There is no problem asking for them to hold for just a few seconds while you check the e-mail that just came in.

If you do not instantly get an e-mail then please do the above, but log out and log back in (often needed to refresh a reservation) to see if all the changes are showing up online correctly. And here is why this is so important when an e-mail does not arrive. There are many times a reservation is updated but not “reissued” or confirmed so the changes are not really done. That may be why the e-mail never came. Confirm, before you hang up, they are confirmed and reissued and done. If not, hold while the great rep finishes the job or sends you to someone who can get it done. Much simpler than calling back.

Last bit. When you are done, show appreciation. Thank them. With Delta you can often take part in a quick survey to say YES you would use this rep again. If you are a medallion, and they did an amazing job, you can tell them you want to give them a Job Well Done (JWD) certificate as a thank you (you just read them the number over the phone). This is a really solid way to show thanks and motivate phone reps to keep doing a great job for you and other medallions.

What to take from today’s rookie post is just this – never let a great rep go until you are sure you are done and have everything you want and wanted. And here is a last thought, say you have just handed over a JWD cert and then both you and the rep are super happy about everything in the world then maybe, before you say good-bye, consider letting the rep help you with another issue or another booking or something else you may need to do. Why not keep the ball rolling as there is no time limit for reps (under most cases)! – René


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  1. This is an EXCELLENT reminder for all of us rookies or old timers that start to get cocky and lazy.

    Thank you René for the reminder all need.

  2. Somewhat related question: Do GMs get JWD certificates, or is it only PMs and DMs?

  3. Per the “check the details” advice: the couple trying to check in curbside before me at DEN on Sunday had tickets for “12:40 a.m.” and were there at noon. They had mis-read the “a.m.” Made me think to double check that from now on. ; )

  4. Is the Job Well Done (JWD) cert something that the Rep can generate with our FF number, or is it something we have to get prior to contacting a Rep?

  5. @William – Only PM & DM and we can not ask for more (I have every year and they always say NO)!

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