BREAKING NEWS: Delta pilots REJECT Delta contract overwhelmingly 65% vote NO!

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delta pilots reject contact

This is breaking news just released that in overwhelming numbers Delta pilots have rejected the proposed new contract from Delta Air Lines.

It would seem the union representing the pilots is not in touch with those who they represent. It will be very interesting how Delta responds to this turn of events and what impact it could have moving forward.

I have reached out for more information from a number of sources inside and outside Delta and will post more when I can. – René


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  1. Yes, the union did not delivery on any of the requests from the pilots and were proposing the pilots pay for their raise out of their profit share.. among many other concessions. There was very little in the contract for the pilots except for a raise that, to the average person, probably looked like a good deal. Pilots actually preferred their current contract over this proposal. You will probably see a union change soon, and hopefully kiss those regional jets good-bye!

  2. Rene, Any clue how this might impact travel in the near or long term (delays, work stop, cancellations, strike)?

  3. @John this agreement was months ahead of the actual contract date – there is plenty of time. In fact the rush with the contract was a huge question mark on how poorly the union was acting on this one. Nobody is even thinking strike at this point and doubt it will ever come to that… though I believe this is a first for the Delta pilots.

  4. Everyone plays ‘brinksmanship’ today. No one ever settles before the deadline. At the last minute, they will agree to extend the deadline and then both sides will ‘settle’.
    Delta’s been through the bankruptcy court recently. The union knows very well that if Delta goes bankrupt again, everybody loses. Delta management knows that if Delta goes bankrupt again, everybody loses.
    Just another game of chicken; see who flinches first.

  5. Steve (July 11) says “if Delta goes bankrupt again, everybody loses.” Well, not quite- upper management has seen unbelievable pay raises since the bankruptcy (CEO now makes $7 million/yr), whereas the pilots took a 50% pay cut. Restoring their pay would cost a few million at most. Delta has reported BILLIONS in net profit the last few quarters. Bankruptcy again would only be a political ploy, not related to reality.

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