The smallest lounge EVER – the Ford business class lounge in Gothenburg GOT

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FORD business class lounge GOT delta points blog (3)

The sign says “open times” in Swedish. Now some funny things about Sweden. It is not uncommon at all for most things to be closed on Sundays. Saturday hours can be very restrictive at many stores. Heck, a few decades ago it was not uncommon for banks and such to only be open a few hours in the middle of the day. But the hours for this “lounge” are very restrictive, that is, only a few hours early in the day. Then there is the door, err, rope blocking entrance.

FORD business class lounge GOT delta points blog (1)

Zooming back a bit we see why. This is really not a working lounge at all (it was gone on our return) but seemed like a clever-ish advertising bit from Ford. The ad on the left compares the Ford Mondeo to a business class ride “all the way”.

FORD business class lounge GOT delta points blog (2)

I can also tell you I was very tempted to take a seat and take a selfie “inside” the lounge and tweet it to Ford, but decided against it (yeah I really should have).

ford mondeo rented from hertz by delta points blog

I can also say I have recently rented a Mondeo and it is a very sweet ride and I am not a “Ford Guy”. It was a very nice upgrade as a Hertz Presidents Circle club member compared to the box I had paid / rented.

Cinnamon roll old town gothenburg sweden delta points blog

Now if they had provided Swedish cinnamon rolls like you see above with lots of “pearl sugar” then, despite the lounge’s small size and lack of walls and a door or any other perks and bits we have come to expect in a lounge, it may have still been worth the visit.

Anyway, yes this was a kinda silly post during my trip report, but I just had to share. Then again, some lounges I have been to have felt just about as small as this one (like small THE CLUB at LAS). Have you ever been to a lounge this small? – René


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  1. Actually, National Car Rental has an “Emerald Club lounge” as an “advertisement” very similar to this in Chicago O’Hare. I think it’s even smaller!

  2. Funny.
    Oh and the Mondeo (or Fusion in North America) is a really nice car. My wife just got one as a company vehicle. It rides good, handles good, gets great MPG. Not bad Ford.

  3. Those cinnamon rolls look really tasty. Are they anything like an elephant ear? Yummm.

  4. Kevin funny you say that…..they have the same type “lounge” in BOS in the A terminal just outside the Sky Club entrance…..has a few seats and charging stations…..I must admit it actually did catch my attention so in terms of advertisement it did work.

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