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Why Delta? You said it no longer matters but you still have the box? Is there a reason?

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why is the -I AM TRAVELING- button still there on Delta-com

This has been a bizarre week with a strange Delta partner award booking bug (still not fixed?). My blog was also the first to break the news about the amazing Delta award fare sale to Europe. It turned out the unannounced day one was just for Medallions, but Delta did not tell them (us). Very strange.

delta at last send out emails about the skymiles sale to europe

Delta has now opened it up to everyone and the T&C of the sale can be found on HERE. But now I have another question.

Notice the screenshot from at the opening of this post. We all should know by now that Delta changed the rules that elites who are logged in to get more LEVEL 1 award space. Now sure they did have that little issue of charging elites, their most loyal customers, MORE points than everyone else, but they say they fixed that little bug.

But with this latest one day pre-sale sale for elites, you only saw the better award space if you were logged in with your Medallion number (or if you have the Delta AMEX card you saw better prices too).

Thus there is still something going on behind the scenes. I really want to know why in the world this “I am traveling” box is still on if it does not matter if you check it or do not check it. Does that not seem strange to you?

I have not reached out to Delta about this but I would love to know your thoughts on this. Why do you think the little box is still on – Rene


  1. It might not make a difference in the price (who can tell these days), but if you check the box Delta automatically fills in the flyer info after you select flights. Now if Delta IT could just add a “my spouse is flying” button…

  2. Skilled Travel

    Guessing it is so the rest of the flight booking steps are pre-populated.

  3. I made a D1 award booking last week that mentioned I needed to be flying because I was getting Medallion award space. It looks like the message is still visible as I just did another dummy booking. This is the text from the second screen after selecting flights where you enter passenger info (I am a DM BTW):

    “Because this itinerary was created using Medallion® availability, the names of Medallion passengers can’t be changed. Medallion members must be traveling to receive greater award seat availability. ”

    There is a “learn more” link right after that text, but it redirects to a Delta 404 Error page.

    If you want to test yourself, the dummy booking I used was 8/27 DTW-LHR VS108 — 8/30 LHR-DTW DL21

  4. Mark Goodman

    Booked a Award Travel to AMS for 72K then it when down to 60K got Delta to change the ticket for (2) for $150. Now it is down to 42K. What should I do?

  5. David R.

    Perhaps if you are flying your itinerary gets flagged in the “upgrade requested” list (if you are a medallion), otherwise not?

  6. I think the box is there so you get medallion upgrades. and medallion rates. One time I didnt check it and I had to call back to request upgrades. Also I had to show my delta amex to get my wifes (whos a non-medallion ) bag waved.

  7. René,

    If you are not flying, you cannot use PWM. When I brought my son home from IND this past Monday, as soon as I check the box it populated my information and offered PWM, once unchecked PWM went away.


  8. rene

    @Gregg G – Interesting, that could be the only reason that is PWMs. Txs for feedback. 🙂

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