Updates and data about my FREE night cert from US Bank / Club Carlson (did you get yours)?

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my free night cert from club carlson us bank visa

With a HT to reader Deborah in the comments section of this post, I logged on to my Club Carlson account (via my Award Wallet naturally) and low and behold, even before I got the notification email that I was told in the letter from US BANK I would get, I have my free night cert loaded into my account.

Now for some data points. I blogged back in April that I called and complained about the massive devaluation on the way for my Club Carlson card, that is, the loss of the BOGOF night when booking on points. I was offered 7,500 points as an I AM SORRY from US Bank. I got lazy and did not push my wife to call and complain as well (yes, I know, bad blogger)! She did not get the letter about the free night cert nor, when I check her Club Carlson account, do I see a free night cert posted. RATZ!

So, better late than never, she just called, and after a very long hold and chatting with a supervisor, was told that they will have a specialist get back to us inside of 48 hours. I have a feeling they are getting a lot of requests about this issue.

Now the sticky situation for them may be if they do NOT offer this to everyone then they may get in trouble with the FEDS for offering a perk to some card holders and not to everyone. Either way I would call the number on the back of your US Bank Club Carlson card and ask for the cert if you do not see it in the next few days in your account!

Also, please be sure and let the rep know, if you feel this way that is, that this perk alone, if extended to card holders on a yearly basis, would be a great reason to hold the card forever! To me, this would be a great upgrade after the latest cuts to the card and bring back real value long term.

Lastly, reader Deborah also commented that she was successful in getting the cert on another of her cards and that her husband was going to call tonight and see. Please report if you succeed or fail in getting the cert added to your account. – Rene


  1. did u try to book anything?

    I don’t think the e-cert is working yet, no rates available.

  2. Does anyone know if you cancel your Club Carlson card if you lose your Club Carlson points?


  3. “E-Certs are issued to a specific customer, typically via email. You cannot request an E-Cert, but may be eligible to receive an E-Cert in the future if you join Club Carlson and sign up to receive special offers.”

    You cannot request!! The heck! I’m calling.

  4. I booked at *very* speculative BOGOF night for March 2016. Maybe that’s what unflagged my account. ?? USBank has the “golden handcuffs” on me — a big line of credit that I haven’t used — but since I’m paying for it with my annual fee, it’s time to call. I think consumer finance.gov might hear from me shortly after. Good suggestion.

  5. I paid the annual fee sometime back in April but didn’t call to complain. No E-cert now either in the account. The squeaking wheel gets the grease – so might be time to call.

  6. Rene,

    I called and got the same response. Someone will “review” my account and let me know in 48 hrs if I get it or not.
    I read on twitter that this offer was random… I don’t believe that because if it was random, they woudln’t say that they need to review my account…

    Honestly, I was actually set on keeping my card but now this makes me kinda pissed off and I think I may abandon the Club Carlson program.

  7. So, I paid for my annual fee earlier this year… Called the bank to complain and they gave me some points. Then, after reading how many people had been refunded their annual fee, I filed a complaint with the Feds. The bank called me an refunded my fee. I also closed my account. Yesterday I received notification of a free night ecert being provided to me. I don’t even have the card anymore…

  8. I called and the lady told me that the bank is giving them out randomly, and she they don’t know what the criteria is.
    I keep checking and there are no e-cert’s in my account.

  9. @Rene- Update- My husband had to go out of town for work so he didn’t want to call in. Instead I used the secure message center for his account to send a message to US Bank. I explained that my wife (because I’m posting as him) had received the free night e-cert and I’m a card holder so where’s mine (not in those exact words!). Today he received a phone call from US Bank saying he would also receive a free night e-cert. Score…3 free nights!

  10. Rene I just got a free night certificate email today and noticed it’s domestic only. The email led me to believe it was because I spent more than $10K last year on the card and this is my anniversary perk. I read somewhere (here perhaps but other bloggers too) that there were some international e-certs being rewarded to some card holders and those that received it got a letter in the mail too. Suppose I need to call up and see what’s going on. Free night = me keeping the card as long as the they don’t cut the 40K point bonus too.

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