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ALERT: Delta “Express Tram” Detroit DTW out of service until 12OCT15. How you can benefit!

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DTW Express Train is not working (3)

What you are looking at is a VERY parked Delta “Express Tram” or the sister to the ATL “Plane Train”.

DTW Express Train is not working (6)

It shuttles you, if you come in to A1 to A77, almost a 1 mile walk that can take a while. But notice what is going on right now!

DTW Express Train is not working (1)

But now, until the 12th of October 2015, this “cable car” train that will zip you from one end of the massive A terminal to the other is closed.

DTW Express Train is not working (4)

So where does that leave you? Well, I am sure, all of us needs a bit of a walk (I sure do for crying out loud). But that is not easy for everyone with mobility issues or those who are older.

DTW Express Train is not working (2)

So since you cannot jump on the escalator up, unless you are going to the Skyclub that is, how can this issue help you?

DTW Express Train is not working (5)

Since it is SO far away, if you do have mobility issues, request wheel chair assistance. Or, for the rest of us, if you do NOT have issues, I think this could be a way to stretch the 60 minute minimum connection time to 1.25 hours under the “mighty schedule change rule” (see post E8).

60 min rule delta

Now normally you need a full hour of time “changes” to get Delta to make a switch for you free (ps some ‘bad” reps are saying 1.5 hrs but clearly Delta .com says otherwise). But now, since the train is down, if you are connecting via DTW I think you can work this to your advantage and get some more flexibility if you need a change.

Lastly, if you are an elite, always know the 1 hour rule is more a guide than a firm rule 🙂  – Rene

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