Today marks 4 years of blogging for Renés Points & ~3000 posts. Thank you readers!

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I am still stunned and cannot believe I have blogged every day for 4 years now and almost 3000 posts during that time. When started I was so happy to be an Uber Delta fan as Delta Points, but now I’m much happier branded as who I am, that is, Renes Points for better Travel, be that on Delta or any other airline!

It is also fitting to me that today I am on my last mileage run for the year with a fun crew of travel geeks that is Graydon, Dave & John (x2). These guys love to travel and earn and burn points almost as much as I do (if not more). Good times!

But for today I thought I would reflect on the past 4 years and share what I feel are some of my favorite posts during this past year or so. In no particular order, let’s see if you agree they are classics as well!

The post I live by, use all the time, and have helped so many readers get either the perfect flights or ones that work so much better for them. Yes, we are talking about the “Mighty Schedule Change” post. If you don’t know it by heart, you should not be flying Delta! 🙂

Next, a recent post, but one of the most monumental changes for the blog. Now, “the artist formerly knows as Delta Points” is standing alone as Renés Points. What a change and a change for the better.

It is so fitting that today, of all days, I am spending time in both the DFW and SFO Centurion clubs. They are just amazing places to visit compared to even the most improved Sky Club anywhere in the world. If you have never been, you need to visit. Period.

Another series of posts I am most proud of is the annual test of what works for Delta AMEX approved spend (since the T&C is not always 100% accurate). I will keep testing each year just what works to help you out.

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am, after Delta took the despicable move of hiding them, that you can turn to the blog to see the award charts that Delta does use to this day to calculate an award ticket. Now sure, the award page is broken and may charge you 2x or more what the price should be, but at least you can see what the number should be to compare!

Another post that has, even on this very run, saved me, is this one. Delta has rules when it comes to upgrades. I have tested them this day and found amazing results and tips for you and will blog about it later on. Just know that this post can help you a bunch.

Next we have another series of posts. Actually a bunch of them (well over one hundred now). If you are new to Delta or even if you think you are a pro you need to look at these posts as you will learn a ton you did not know! Of all the work I have done in the past four years, few thing compare to these posts.

Then we have what was a blog for a while but now is a blog “inside” the blog. That is what was Delta Mileage Runs and now is Elite Mileage Runs as I will blog about more than just Delta one day. If you want to maintain your elite status, you need to follow this tab/blog each day!

I am always just shocked and stupefied by those who don’t, to this day, use Twitter. You are so missing out. All you have to do is follow my @DeltaAssist post to learn how and you will benefit from Twitter even if just for Delta help. Period.

Lastly in this list is one of my favorites and it is not even a real post. It is totally made up. Having said that, my guess is that it is way too close to the truth for comfort. Want a good giggle, read this joke post about a Delta meeting.

So there you are folks. These are some of my favorites posts over the past four years of bringing the blog to you. There are few words I could ever type that could ever express how much I appreciate that you come each and every day and read the blog. That you say “hi” to me in a Sky Club or on a Delta jet. That you come and chat with me wherever I am speaking and so on. I am so privileged to run this blog and just love every bit of it.

My thanks to you one and all for all the support. It does mean the world to me! – René


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  1. Thanks for all the posts. Although I’m not much of a Delta flyer I still carry around my Delta Points luggage tag. I enjoy reading your blog almost daily. Keep it up.

  2. Congrats on the anniversary, started reading your blog shortly after you started writing it, and still enjoy reading it. Used to fly Delta more, but changed jobs (and preferred carrier to AA) though. Best wishes for continued success on the blog.

  3. Rene, how do you say thank you to someone who has helped an incalculable number of readers/loyal followers of your blog? I don’t know the answer, but I’m absolutely positive there are thousands of people that will read this and feel the exact same way I do and, for whatever reason, may not have the time to respond. I must admit, I don’t comment often, but I read every single one. My fiancé thinks I’m a tad bit “cra cra” when she turns over at 3 am and sees me scrolling through all of your previous (auto correct almost made that precious) posts, but they have been and, still are an invaluable resource for any Delta (and now any) elite. Because of a major health issue (hip replacement x2) I dropped from diamond to gold, and if it weren’t for your blogs, I would not have climbed back up the proverbial ladder. Thank you for all you do, for the countless hours you dedicate, and for figuring out delta.dumb for all of us. As soon as the mothership starts selling MQMs, I’m going to buy you some and gift them to you! Just kidding, do you know what the CPM for those are??!!??

    To many more years and thousands more posts, all the best! Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for all of the helpful information you have posted these past four years. Keep up the good work!

  5. Congratulations! I have followed your blog daily for the last three and a half years. Thanks for all of the valuable information.

  6. Thanks! As a writer, I know how much work this is for you, but it is all invaluable for those of us who have to fly Delta for one reason or another, on our own dime- and try and squeeze a modicum of comfort out of the experience.
    As a Platinum Medallion- thanks!!!!

  7. Ya left me out but that’s ok.
    Congratualtions on helping thousands of people try to realize the maximum they can from Delta once wonderful program.
    You have been diligent in posting and keeping us up to date on every possible nuance that Delta has built in to its system.(sometime you are scary you ar so accurate!)
    From a personal standpoint, You and your lovely wife, have unselfishly been both kind and generous with your time and eforts to helop those who as for it
    Thank you isnt enought !
    You are the best!!!!!

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