Changes coming to the DFW Dallas AMEX Centurion Lounge (thanks TSA)!

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changes to the Centurion Club DFW Dallas airport RenesPoints blog (2)

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If you have never visited the above Centurion Clubs by American Express you are really missing out. You can get entrance with any AMEX card for $50 per person or the better way is for free for you and up to two guests with either the:

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I really enjoy my visits to all the American Express Centurion Lounges throughout the country. They are, as quickly as possible, expanding the network but it is not that easy to get space in busy airports to build what has become the standard to beat in domestic lounges. Yesterday (and the day before) I spent some time enjoying the perks with no less that six other Diamonds who were mileage running with me to San Francisco and back.

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René, Graydon & John

I have found there are some changes to the lounge. One, while minor, is a real bummer and inconvenience. Plus,  we have the TSA to thank for it.

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Just to the right, when you enter the lounge, there are / were are bank of lockers for guest to use. They were unique in that you could set your own PVT code and dump your bags while you enjoyed all the club has to offer, all complimentary once you enter. But the TSA has advised the club that they can no longer use them for security reasons. Great. I can see the great risk of screened folks locking up their bags as a major issue worth their time!

It apparently started when the MIA TSA saw the same type lockers in that lounge and then shut those down and reached out to the entire Centurion network to stop their use. Considering how bad the success rate for the TSA to catch prohibited items maybe this is a good move, but I sure don’t think so. Do you?

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The next change is at the Exhale Spa inside the club. The Dallas Centurion has, since opening, offered three services: Manicure, Facial and Chair Massages. All are complimentary once you are inside the club.

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However the Miami club elected not to include Facials in their treatment regiment due to the costs involved to provide this service. Now Dallas has also discontinued this treatment. However, they have added a third massage chair and therapist so that during peak times you are less likely to miss out if you want a massage.

Personally I see this as a nice upgrade as I have only ever had one facial and was not that impressed and know several who have been disappointed that the wait for a massage was so long they would not get in before their flights.

If you have not had a chance to check out any or all of the Centurions along your travels, try to book a long enough layover (or get to the airport early) and enjoy all they have to offer! – René


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  1. I’ve found the lockers issue incredibly frustrated. I’ve tried them the last 3 times I was there and all I was told by the staff was “they’re not working”. I would have appreciated them just saying the real reason behind it just so I wouldn’t have kept trying each time I visited. That being said, yes, it’s a stupid reason, since everyone inside the terminal is supposedly screened. They could have even changed the procedure and have the club staff keep control of the lockers or issue temporary combination codes or match each locker request to an ID. I don’t know what the best solution is, but seems like an unnecessary “security” measure.

  2. Can you please explain why this is such a major issue? If you’re in the lounge, you can keep your bags with you. Even when using the showers or going for a massage, they can be left safely holding your chair or table. Are people using these lounges likely to steal your bags or items from them? What’s the issue? I’ve spent hours in these lounges and never worried once about leaving my bags while having a massage (the shower rooms large enough to keep everything with me since I’d be using toiletries and a change of clothes).

  3. @DavidB – Talked to staff about this. It CAN be an issue. Things do walk off. Often by accident or a kid picks something up. Also can be a tripping hazard for staff who are working hard. Lockers solved this issue. I used them often in the past.

  4. I also find that sometimes when I want to take a nap (it happens on my Mega Mileage Runs) that I feel MUCH better knowing my belongings are safely stowed away except for my phone & headphones to ring my wake-up alarm.

    Otherwise, I am always half-sleeping, being aware of people and movements around me and my bags. Laptop, tablet, keyboards, power supplies, a banana or two (just in case) 😉

    But there needs to be a system that can be approved by TSA for such a provisional use of lockers.

  5. @DavidB, sure, I can explain. A) I don’t want to tow my bag around the club everywhere I go. Unfortunately people do take stuff (and unlike Rene politely posed it above, it isn’t by accident). B) You’re technically not supposed to leave your bag unattended at an airport, so when you’re traveling solo, this is exactly what you have to do when there are no lockers (or refer to A above).

  6. I tried visiting the lounge in Seattle as I had a Delta flight out of the terminal that isn’t anywhere close to the terminal with the Delta lounge. I only have a Delta-branded Reserve American Express card. While I know this doesn’t — and, frankly, I think stupidly — grant me access automatically, I knew I should have been able to pay $50. Yet I was refused access to a lounge that wasn’t anywhere close to full on a Friday night at 7 p.m. I was told they didn’t accept payments at that location.

  7. FNT, that’s the rule at the Seattle studio and it makes total sense for the location. They also don’t allow cardholders to bring guests in. Studio is very small and this is a way to manage capacity.

  8. The lockers at DFW AmEx Lounge have be closed for sometime now. This is a bummer, cause it allowed you to check your luggage as you lounge hopped.

    When facials discontinued, you could even get a massage on the massage table previously used for the facials. But now with the third masseur, the massage table is pushed to the side and is no longer an option.

    I don’t miss the facials as they were cheap facials. They put steam on your face and you came away with a red face, plus they used cheap creams. Much different than the QF F lounge facials in Australia, which use good creams and not steam wand.

  9. @Randy – They will be removing the table soon. I would much rather have a third therapist and get a massage than someone else getting a table massage.

  10. TSA.???
    Bet not.

    I can think of four airside lounges in the US with lockers.
    Used one location this past week.
    (Lock up carry-on, then head out for a meal without dragging luggage.)

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