No, Delta is NOT giving away free tickets and $5,000 cash on Facebook folks! SCAM ALERT!

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fake delta 1

Yeah, this kinda looks real! NOT!

OK I had another post set for today, since it is after all the first day of the 2016 Medallion year, but had to pop this up as I am starting to get a flood of tweets and emails about it.

fake delta 2

Please! Not fool’in me!

Apparently there are a few variations of this scam and they are all on Facebook (for now). The blog’s only presence on Facebook is posting the daily feed from the blog. I just don’t have time for more than one social media stream and I use Twitter.

Anyway, if you take a look at this article from the past summer from Business Insider you will see a very common theme going on. Then today, if you toss in just enough stuff to make it look good. I get that. Like the top one. The bag is real. It is a gift given by Delta to a number of, if not all, FAs. Nice bag. The rest of it is completely bogus.

The next one below it they are even using the Delta official “widget” and name as part of the scam but do you notice one glaring problem with both of these two scam Facebook items (see red arrows for a hint)?!?

Delta Air Lines

Yep folks THAT is how “we” spell our preferred airline. 3 words. Not 2. Oh, and btw, the airline called Delta also spells it with 3 words. In fact you can just about be 100% sure that someone who uses “Delta Airlines” to talk about Delta truly knows very little about Delta! 😉

So please don’t like, favor, send out to others on Facebook, allow permission, re-tweet or share in any way this latest version of the free Delta tickets scam post! Be smart, as the warning on tells you, and “protect your data”. Click safe everyone! – René


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  1. And they don’t fly first class anywhere in the world, only in the U.S. (I guess you can argue about whether domestic first is really first, but regardless they don’t fly it internationally.)

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