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SWAG Saturday. A genuine Diamond up for grabs (plus some other goodies)!

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real diamond sway giveaway Renes Points blog
Click to see large photo of this small, but real, Diamond!

This week we are back with the last of our four precious Delta elite level giveaways. Today we are talking Diamond (a real genuine one, just small) for the giveaway!

hoou and delta billboard headsets
Who does not like free HOOU coupons?

Since the Diamond is just .16 carats, I will again include more goodies. You also get a pair of HOOU coupons and a pair of Delta billboard headsets as well. Now you can only comment once per email & IP address on this giveaway (USA only mailing address btw). Next Friday night the 4th of March I will use to pick a winner.

What I need from you is really simple. Toward the end of the year last year I put up a series of posts about medallion status and if you should go for whatever level (feel free to review links above). Now we are into the 2016 medallion year and working on 2017. So this week my question is: Is Delta Diamond Medallion status still worthwhile today with upgrades, even for Diamonds, very hard to score? But it comes with lots of other perks so you tell me Yes or No. That is all I need but if you want to comment more you can. Have fun! – René


  1. For me yes as I use my 4 global upgrades for cool vacation runs to asia I would never be able to deal with flying coach to.

  2. Yes. Still get a decent number of upgrades and when stuff goes wrong they usually treat me better than lower tiers

  3. Norris Krueger

    Yes = although when I was Diamond I was never able to use my upgrade certificates 🙁 However, we had a ops problem and I got stuck in SLC – when they were handing out pillow & blankets to sleep in the airport, someone noticed my Diamond & booked me a hotel. (It was late so the only place to eat was Denny’s.. where it had a bunch of gamers… who happened to include a few of the top game designers in the world. Not a gamer but what a blast!)

  4. Yes? I’m assuming it is as I’m only a lowly Platinum!

  5. So I guess you know the word is carat, not carrot, right? Although a diamond made of carrots might be cool…
    PS yes if I ever get there…

  6. Yes, but it’s a level I’ll probably never obtain.

  7. Definite YES…..*if* you have a lot of SkyMiles already, or you have another way of getting SkyMiles (credit card use)….

  8. No, not for me. If I were a hub captive to Delta, my answer might change. At this point, the differences between the “loyalty” (sic!) programs for “the Big 3” aren’t all that different so there is a barrier to exit for me.

  9. Yes, but I’ll never again resort to extraordinary measures like mileage runs to obtain it.

  10. Andrew P

    If you’re currently a platinum, then it’s definitely worth it to go for diamond.

  11. Love the blog. I have benefited immensely from your tips. Keep it going!

  12. Yes, I think this is the only level that Delta still really values much at all. That love is fading fast, but for now, there’s still value there.

  13. Absolutely. The additional choice gifts make it worthwhile.

  14. Out of my reach, but will probably go for gold again

  15. Yes, it’s worth it until I start making enough money to fly biz or first everywhere.

  16. No, not worth it for me, at ORD it’s united or AA, and MDW + CP is awesome!!

  17. Yes, but I am looking at other airline FF programs.

  18. Yes, totally worth it. If upgrades start to become rare, I would re-evaluate. Last year and (so far) this year, I hit 90% upgrades.

  19. Yes, I assume it must, but I don’t really know as I have never held that status.

  20. Yes The perks are worth it f you can get upgraded

  21. Yes, I suppose, if you’re already Platinum….

  22. Yes util the upgrade list contains thousands like at UA!

  23. No, unless they restore the “significant other” benefits such as free sky club entry and ability to book comfort seating at booking. GUCs are useless as it is impossible to find any seats available to upgrade.

  24. Yes, but diminishing quickly, upgrades have been reduced by 40 %

  25. Yes, status is still worthwhile vs no status.

  26. No. Better to be Alaska mvp 75 and buy cheap first class seats on delta where you earn more miles and have better redemption options!

  27. Yes: the level of customer service extended by Delta to Diamond members is *most of the time* pretty amazing. It’s not always consistent but often they really come through.

  28. No. Having Delta status is nice in an IROPS situation, but I’ve gotten great treatment and upgrades both with and without it.

  29. Pam gehring

    Yes! Even an ocassional upgrade is better than never!

  30. Yes! If there is any level which is worth anything, it’s diamond. Skyclub access too!

  31. Ed Travel

    Yes…I wish I was one of them 🙁 I have been a Gold and I have never been upgraded anything longer than SLC to SMF—

  32. No way.

    For what is required and what you get in return it is not worth it. Flying at DM level I would rather switch to the new American for all the international flights I take. I feel I would way better value with them.

  33. Yes. Just benefitted from free same day change while my non-status co-worker had to buck up $50. GUs & free SkyGrub have value too. But, really, it’s Diamond or bust to AA.

  34. It depends on the amount you travel. Sometimes it is but the tickets that you buy and the letter class you travel may affect it.

  35. Terry littman

    Anything that makes a trip, more pleasant, easier, fun is worth it!

  36. Todd Conner


    The staff and crew make s real effort to take care of DM. The customer line has helped me w mine own travel and non medallion family members time and time again.

    Upgraded are pretty reliable. I’ve missed 1 in 25 flights eligible flights year to date. ( I fly CHA to ATL to get anywhere.). Had to subtract out all the RJ flights. Get rid of those planes.

    Guc are at 50%. I am 100% outbound but 0% coming home on delta metal from CDG (with open seats and on a Y ). Somethings broke w AF agents my guess.

  37. Yes, but only until May 16.

    When that happens, watch how quickly all those “yes” answers turn to resounding screams of NO!!!!!!!!!

  38. Yes, the upgrades are far less frequent than even a platinum got five years ago, but the perks are good like global certs, sky club, etc.

  39. I would love to be DM. I have been PM for several years (much better than GM or SM), and don’t want to lose it. I usually end up with about 100K MQM’s so I get a pretty good carryover. Getting to 125K would be great, but then I risk not reaching PM the year after. I actually avoid reaching 125K some years.

  40. Yes; however, being concerned about possibly not being able to make Platinum this year I chose to not go for Diamond last year and roll the MQMs over.

  41. Yes…it is a goal of mine to reach it this year!!

  42. Allan Escher

    Definite maybe…just returned from first intl Diamond trip.
    Went TPA-JFK, JFK-FCO, FCO-ATL, and ATL-Tampa.
    Upgraded 6 days out to JFK. DL wanted $750 to upgrade to Rome. I stayed in C+ instead. Then at check-in in Rome, DL rep said, “thank you for Diamond status. The flight is overbooked, please tell GA you’re diamond.” GA was non-plussed and said, “We’re only allowed to op-up an Y, B, or M fare class.”
    (upgraded to JFK and #2 on WL to TPA). Only 1 “thx” for DM status?!

  43. Yes… I think… Only have reach PM before 🙂

  44. Yes, definitely, I was Platinum for years before Delta introduced Diamond level and I have qualified every year since Diamond level started. I have a trip tomorrow to Moscow and used my upgrade certs (great benefit) plus the Skylounge. After this trip I will have already qualified for Diamond level for 2017 both in miles and dollars. And Delta does show you the most love, I could never deal with anything lower than Diamond

  45. Christian


    While the added benefits are certainly good, and I would never turn them down, I think it makes more sense to save the MQMs to rollover into the next year to make Platinum easily again. If you’re flying a lot, you can get the SkyClub access from Gold onwards for international flights, and the ability to redeposit award tickets comes with Platinum. I am not sure if the upgrade certificates are worth the extra flying required.

  46. Brett Minzner

    Yes, I believe Diamond status is worth it. I think at the end of 2016, definitely in 2017, you will see AA and UA jump on DL’s bandwagon.

    Diamond status is better than Platinum, Gold, Silver, or no status at all.

  47. Yes. I’m currently Platinum and have had good success with upgrades, but Diamond would be even better!

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