Review: Delta 1st class Meatballs with spinach, ricotta cheese and crostini

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delta first class meal meat balls with spinich and ricotta cheese with crostini and soup renes points blog review

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I am not shy about the fact that, most times, Delta food really is good. Wait! What? Airline food is good? Are you crazy? Yeah, it really is quite good.

Delta 1st class meal cheeseburger lunch


cold steak lunch on delta air lines

Please, Delta, bring this back!

The Delta burger is not bad at all. My wife has never had it and keeps telling me it is mythical and does not exist. The Delta calzone is one of my favorites and is most times loaded with pepperoni (I just wish it had more sauce included). The cold Delta steak is one of the best meals I have had on a flight ever.

Folks these meals are all on DOMESTIC flights not international or transcon flights where the food is even better. Yep, Delta does food right. Well, most times.

What you see at the top of this post is one of the new meals Delta is trying. This one Delta is a “swing and a miss” to use a baseball comparison. Here is what it is:

  • Pork and beef meatballs (fat is flavor so the mix works)
  • Cheese, tomato sauce and ricotta
  • Sautéed spinach
  • Crispy custinin on top
  • Corn & tomato based soup
  • Toffee almond cookie

Keep in mind folks I am of Swedish heritage and I have had my share of meatballs in my life (no Swedish meatball jokes please). These were OK. They were moist but could have used a bit more spice and flavor. The cheese, tomato sauce and ricotta were also just OK.

However the crostini on top was soggy and not good. The sautéed spinach was just nasty. They should have considered another side that could have paired better.

The soup and cookie on the other hand was great and I would have enjoyed a second helping of either or both. I also have to say this is the first time I have ever received a larger soup spoon in addition to the small spoon inside the Bon Appétit napkin and silverware.

I am thrilled Delta is expanding the choices and I applaud them for all they do to provide good tasting meal choices at 500 MPH up in the air. This choice has potential but needs help! Have you tried this new Delta meal choice? Did you enjoy it more than me? – René


PS – I have a question in to Delta CORP about FEBO as two FAs on my last trip verbally announced to the 1st class cabin that FEBO is now the RULE at Delta. I will post if they ever get back to me if there has been a change or a memo!

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  1. I like the burger.

    I am at JFK now, flying to Frankfurt . I will let you know how the meal is. The food here at the club looks good, but I am waiting until my flight to eat.

  2. LOL The Delta Burger actually exists…

    For a long time, I thought it was just a myth… like “Dry Land” in the movie Water World. LOL

    I had it on a JFK-LAX flight 2/21.
    I saw it on the menu and asked the FA and she said, she had to look.
    Immediately I thought, no dice, this isnt happening.
    Then, magically, she appeared with it. I was shocked.
    I’ve tried to get the burger probably 4-5 times with no luck.

    Anyway, being a bit of a burger connoisseur, I was skeptical about what I just got myself into and thought it was going to be super gross, but surprisingly, it was (as Larry David would say) pretty, pretty, pretty good.
    Not as good as going to Fatburger in LA and getting one fresh off the grill but decent. It is certainly better than most of the burgers you will get from the airport terminal restaurants.

    My one critique is there is a bit too much bun… not that the patty is small (its good size – think like a McD Quarter Pounder), but the bun is big and has some sort of seed dusting on it which makes a bit of a mess.

    On the positive side, somehow, they manage to keep it tasting fairly fresh and juicy. I was surprised by this since I ordered it about 2 hours into the flight.

    I guess one of life’s mysteries has been revealed? LOL

  3. While I agree that of the majors delta has the best food, i thinks Jetblue’s mint food is by far the best. No one else is in the ball park.

  4. @James – Spot on about the bun. A tweak that would help. I have seen, but not had, the two small burger meal. That may fix this issue!

  5. I had the meatball dinner flying RSW to DTW last week. I thought it was decent–not great–but I think I liked it a little more than you did. Of course, my crostini wasn’t soggy so I’m sure that helped. I agree the spinach was a limp mess and didn’t really add anything. Still blows any meal I’ve ever been served on AA out of the water.

  6. Renee, I have not had the pleasure of the Meatball dinner, however, Delta has been serving a Crab Cake on flights from PVD to ATL which is quite good and everyone around me seems to have a clean plate.

  7. @Michael – Interesting. I have to say the lobster (or was it crab) and mac and cheese on international flights is just so nummy I could eat 5 of the little things! 🙂

  8. The burger is really good!
    Concerning FEBO, I was on a SAN-MSP run on Wednesday in F and someone behind me specifically asked the flight attendant how they went about determining who requests meals first. The particular flight was an odd number and the passenger asking the question was in the first half of F, meaning one of the later choices. The attendant, which was the lead on the flight, told the passenger about the FEBO rule and how meal request order was determined. Even explained how it was done on a wide-body even though this fight was just a narrow-body.

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