Review: Delta steak and potatoes dinner 1st class & FEBO meal service update from Delta CORP.

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delta steak and potatoes 1st class dinner renespoints blog

One of the best steaks I have ever had in the air!

If you are a long time blog reader you know I am, most times, impressed with Delta meals up in the air. Clearly Delta has worked hard with their catering partners to provide quality choices and it shows. This latest meal choice is no exception.

You would think a small-ish steak would be destroyed by an airline but then you don’t fly Delta. This was truly impressive. If I had to be super nit picky I would say it was a smidgen over cooked but again that is more a preference than an issue.

From the grill marks to the flavor and quality of the cut all were just the BEST. If you happen to follow me on twitter you know I am slightly obsessed with my dear grill and when it comes to steak I am really picky and I just cannot say enough good things about this one from Delta.

The roasted red new potatoes were also just about perfect and had a nice seasoning mix on them. Again, if being ultra picky I could have used a few more of them but that is saying something that they were so tasty I wanted a larger portion.

I am not sure what “dry” cheese was on top but it also had a nice flavor and just enhanced the steak and potatoes with each bite. Even the au jus was pleasant and the right quantify to add flavor and yet not turn the dish into a stew. Lastly the baby spinach (maybe that’s what is was) and carrot slivers was not cooked to death and worked with everything else nicely.

The soup was a corn chowder and was OK but not amazing. I understand the sweet paring with the savory main meal and like this kind of attention to detail.

I have to say, I am excited to see what else Delta brings out in 1st class domestic dining in 2016. If I ever get a chance to select the Delta steak and potatoes again, you bet I will. – René


PS – I have received an update from Delta CORP on my question about FEBO, that is, meal service by your flight number and starting in Front Even then Back Odd has not changed in 2016. I was told this has been the same since 2009 so I have no idea why recently I had two Delta FAs announce to the entire cabin they are doing FEBO. But, since Delta has confirmed this is the RULE for Delta, if they mess it up, I would complain and get some free SkyMiles 😉

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  1. I had the steak and potatoes last night and I agree! It was outstanding. The FAs on my flight started and ended correctly for my odd number flight. They had three different offerings. A vast improvement.

  2. Was offered choice of steak and potatoes or vegetarian lasagna on a recent flight in FC. Being from the MSP area, it goes without saying I chose the steak option. 🙂

    Definitely agree with you on the preparation and presentation, though our flight’s potatoes were mashed, not roasted, with a slight horseradish flavor which paired nicely to the steak. No dried cheese sprinkles, or spinach with my carrots — I personally count that latter omission as a win!

    Looking forward to trying additional menus before upgrades to the middle seat take hold.

  3. Rene, do you know if FEBO is overridden by giving preference to DMs/PMs — I sometimes get the impression that DMs (and maybe PMs) are sought out by the FAs to take their preferences first…

  4. I have flown business to/from manila the last two months and agree the delta business class meals are top notch. However, anytime i have selected a fish entree it is barely warm. I used to think it was the old ovens on the 747 but since those are gone and it still happens i complained again to the FA. She said they write it up all the time, and suspects the fish is frozen and should be set for longer cook time? Seems like a no brainer Delta? Anyone else?

  5. So another question about FEBO: on a dual aisle plane with uneven flight# do they start on the left aisle or right aisle? I can never get a handle on that detail. Also, as a DM I have definitely been sought out before other passengers for my choice on a few flights, but rarely. I also suspect they look for revenue passengers first sometimes, in case of high number of upgrades. This too they can see on their manifest.

  6. Had a version of this on GUA-ATL flight this week. Steak with fried potatoes and onions, green beans. Pretty good!

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