BREAKING NEWS: Delta will soon allow preselection of 1st class meal choice at booking!

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Examples of Delta 1st class meal choices

Oh we have been waiting for this exciting news for a long time as Delta flyers, that is, the ability to choose our 1st class meal before flight. It seems that soon, or at least by the end of 2016, we will have the ability to select our choice at the time of booking and up 24 hours before departure.

Delta representative Catherine Sirna has shared with me that:

“Delta passengers in First Class or Delta One will be able to preselect the meal of their choice when booking, or up to 24 hours prior to departure, via”

Again, just outstanding news from Delta. Further I understand that an upgrade to the Fly Delta APP will also allow selection from your smart device as well.

Here is why this is such great news. FEBO, or Front Even Back Odd meal selection, that is, the flight attendant starts in the front of the first class cabin on even numbered flights and the back of the cabin on odd numbered fights, is not always followed by Delta folks even though it is the official stated policy from Delta for many years.

I, many times, sit in the middle of the 1st class cabin to make sure they don’t run out of my 1st choice before they get to me. Yes this also means I am often not choosing the seat I really want to be in from the available options but this will change that!

A few assumptions from me about this breaking news. I would assume your choice will not be guaranteed as catering issues can arise as well as IROPS or irregular operations and the like. But I think most times this system will work very well for us.

Also I am assuming your choice will be from a short list of 2 or 3 choices assigned for that flight. Lastly this should not impact “special meal choices” like low sodium etc as you have the ability to preselect those choices even now.

I know Delta is playing catch-up on this topic as other airlines have offered the ability for you to preselect your meal for a long time, but that matters not to me – this truly is #KeepClimbing news from Delta! – René



  1. In keeping with the spirit of the “Delta way” of doing things, is it true that there will be av$50 fee for the pre-selecting your meal? Delta doesn’t do ANYTHING for free!

  2. This is only good news for FCMer’s. All the DMs and PMs hoping for an upgrade will have our noses pressed against the curtain trying to see what everyone selected.

  3. So, Rene, is this going to change you mind about purchasing an upgrade? I mean, gee, such a wonder.

    And after riding up front from ATL to AMS and finding out the ice cream didn’t make it on board, (no ice cream sundaies) is Delta really going to get this right?

    Wonder what the FA thing?

  4. @Dale – No. I either buy 1st or fly coach and hope for an upgrade. Or I burn points at LEVEL 1 or 2 in biz 🙂

  5. So that’s an interesting question. Because at-gate upgrades won’t have had 24 hours, will they get food still? Either it seems that option is going to be eliminated, or they will be stuck with “whatsever left” versus how right now they have a very good chance at their first selection.

  6. So what happens with your meal choice if you’re upgraded at the gate? I take it you’ll get the standard two choice option after take-off. This seems to only benefit a select few with the way upgrade percentages continue to drop.

  7. @FB – As mentioned in post, in this case it is likely you get what there is. Sure there are fewer greater than 24 hours before flight upgrades, but when you do get them, or book 1st class, this will be a VERY nice perk.

  8. What great news! Most decent International airlines have a chef on board. Just look at the third grade meal service offerings in the pictures above to see how far behind the game Delta really is.

  9. Have you heard any updates on this recently? I’ve been searching and haven’t seen any updates! Thanks

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