Trip report: Final thoughts of the island of Barbados – would I go back?

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RenesPoints blog visit to Barbados

It has been two months since my return from Barbados. I still have as my wallpaper on my desktop PC a shot from early in the morning when the trainers / attendants took the thoroughbreds down for their daily swim in the ocean. That was a nice way to wake up each day I must say!

I really enjoyed my 1st ever visit to Barbados. The people, I mean everyone I met, were all fantastic, kind, and wonderful. Maybe everyone is so nice because they don’t ever have to shovel snow! I love the Caribbean attitude and it was the same on this island. The island is such a mix of luxury and poverty. Not that I felt unsafe due to this, but just a contrast to other islands.

I will gripe a bit about Delta. The jets Delta put in for this route are old and beat up and need a refresh (like a bunch of Delta jets). Not just that, but the flight times are really frustrating, that is, the departure means (unless you live in ATL) you have to position down the day before or get up at dark:30 to make it. On the way home you will find it hard to find a connection and thus another hotel night is often needed. Frustrating. I would love for Delta to have the flight late in the day out and overnight the crews and have it depart Barbados early in the AM. But better for you and I to pay for extra hotel night vs Delta for their crews right?

Personally, unless you are simply staying very near the hotel you have chosen, a car is really either necessary or very useful to have. Rentals are not cheap on the island. Nothing new to me as rentals on most Caribbean islands are costly. Just a point to consider.

Speaking of costs, despite the 2 to 1 value you get US Dollar to the Barbados Dollar, food is not cheap. Sure you can, if you have a car, stop in to a grocery store and make breakfasts and lunches cheaper but meals out and about are not cheap. Just budget for that.

I was pleased I had a week to see some sights like the caves, the Concord museum and more. There were a number of other spots I did not visit as beach time was an important factor for this trip. The beach at the Radisson was sweet and a great place to swim and relax.

The diving was fun! I love the warmth of the Caribbean water vs so many other places on earth. I can wear a “shorty” and I stay plenty warm. In Hawaii I need a full suit at 70 feet to not shiver. I enjoyed all the wrecks in the marine park but would like to dive other parts of the island so there would be one reason to go back for another visit.

I have to touch again on the hotel. I enjoyed it but would have a hard time saying it is worth $200-300 per night. Maybe I am just too used to points. I could, with some work, MS the 44,000 points per night (off-peak) for about $75 per night cost in fees to make the points. I think a better way may be to cancel my personal and business Club Carlson (as well as my wife’s same said cards) and wait for a bit and go for both for another round later on. This way I can drive the price down to about $25-35 per night in card and MS fees.

So the question – would I go back again? Yes, but I would do some things diffidently for my second visit vs my first visit. If I go back it will be for more sun and beach time. I will skip many of the sight seeing things I have done and just relax and dive. I think I would take a shuttle (not free) to the hotel and walk where I want to go around the area (or take a few cabs). I also think I will look at other airlines to get me there as the Delta schedule is just not friendly. Then again, considering that I think even a Silver Medallion would upgrade on this route (mid-week) maybe Delta is still an option to think about. – René






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  1. Having stayed at the Radisson and also my first time in Barbados I would say it grew on me. AA also uses and old 757 to get there from Mia. It wasn’t as enjoyable as Aruba but enjoyed my time there . Would likely go back . Much better time than Punta Cana .

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