If you fly ATL Atlanta Airport, you MUST have this APP “iflyATL” (and it’s free and works)!

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iflyATL app reveiw renespoints blog (6)

Big program, but worth the space!

Are you an ATL flyer (notice I did not say Delta flyer)? If you are, you had better install in your phone the iflyATL APP available for Android as well as for the slightly less popular iPhone (a joke, but a good one).

main page iflyATL app renespoints blog

An APP worth installing!

The app has just this month been updated and it is free and let me tell you it really works and works well. Not that it is perfect (far from it, in fact) but it has some features that you will soon find you cannot live without.

info about the iflyATL app including permisions

First off, as you can see from the first screen shot it is not a tiny program. And then from the shot above it demands a whole bunch of permissions and you are giving up a bunch of access to all parts of your phone and info (then again most APPs do that right so..).

parking rates and reminders in iflyATL airport app renespoints blog

Just where did I park?

Secondly, it is useful as you go to the airport and want to decide where to park. What are your choices and how much will it set you back per day. Oh, then it can remind you just where in the world you put your car (don’t tell me you have not forgot where you parked before, I have)!

iflyATL app for parking Atlanta

Where should I park?

But the next feature, with help from @RenesPoints twitter follower @GoldboxATL (thanks Eric, be sure to follow him on Twitter btw) we can see that the signs at the airport match what the app is telling us. This really is such an important feature as if the APP does NOT match what is “on the ground” then what good is it. And it gets even better. Take a look:

GoldboxATL from twitter tests iflyATL app vs TSA signs at ATL airport renespoints blog

Shockingly impressive! WoW!

Even if you don’t live in ATL you know the TSA at the airport is horrid. The wait times are ridiculous. They are so bad the airport may dump the TSA and go with PVT screeners (yeah, I hear it is THAT bad). So, this little bit may be, if nothing else, the one single reason for you to get this APP and use it. Again, @GoldboxATL took the time to take a shot of the APP wait times as well as the sign at the TSA check point at just about the same moment in time and notice the match. Amazing and so helpful! (We all owe you Eric). BTW in testing it seems to yield the best results when you are near the airport vs. just pulling it up wherever you are.

time to clear pre-check ATL Wed AM 27APRIL16

Really TSA? Why pay for PRE CHECK?

He even did a timer of the TSA PRE CHECK time from this point until he got done and as you can see the times are less that impressive (nothing to do with the APP but still appalling).

iflyATL app airport info and art

Let’s get back on topic and that of the APP. If you look at the home page you will see a number of choices. One of them is all sorts of info about the airport including all the art work at the ATL. If you are ONLY taking the tram you are missing out on many amazing bits between concourses or the impressive things in E for example. Next time you have a long layover, take the time to check these exhibits out.

thanks again but no delta earnings sorry renespoints blog

I miss ThanksAgain! Do you?

Now these are the things that the APP does really well. One other thing that the APP points out and takes you to is the Thanks Again rewards program that is featured at ATL airport. This program has, in the past, been one more little piece of the pie to collect SkyMiles since clearly (unless you are grossly overspending for your tickets) flying is the worst possible way to build you SkyMiles balance. It really is sad, that such an ATL airport promoted program, is no longer aligned with Delta. Well at least you can earn Alaska points that are still much more valuable that SkyMiles despite the recent shameful and despicable unannounced devaluations.

iflyATL app reveiw renespoints blog (4)

Hamburger? Really? No, Sky Club!

One more big failing of the APP is lounges are completely missing from the device. Search for Sky Clubs and notice the results above (nor is there a simple icon on the main page either). How can such a useful and impressive app not cover any of the 10 Delta Sky Clubs at ATL or even the other lounges like THE CLUB at ATL?

search for atl airport app is not good must search iflyATL app renespoints blog

Search as good as Delta award charts!

Another frustrating issue is that this program is not all that simple to find (both for Android and iPhone). If you search for ATL AIRPORT APP, as you can see, you are not going to find this useful app. No, you must search for “iflyATL” to find it. Really disappointing.

Despite these last few failings if I lived in ATL or even if I was just visiting ATL and was on my way back to the airport I would be sure to install this APP and use it to save me time on my way to my flight. – René



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