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Can you believe we are approaching the mid-way point for 2016? This is a good point in the year to look at where your MQMs and your elite goals are with Delta. Thinking about status matching / challenging with Delta? After July 1st is a good time to do that each year.  Had it with Delta? Again, July 1st is a good time to do that with other airlines as well.

We are also about a month into life with Delta’s new CEO. So far, I have been impressed with changes in May. Like what? Take a look:

➥ RenesPoints Podcast EP3 – Delta Regional Upgrade vs. Free Medallion upgrades

➥ The view from a Delta window seat at 32k truly is amazing. #KeepTheShadeOpen

➥ Just how great are the Delta / Amex Upgrade Changes now in effect? The real impact on us Medallions.

➥ How Big a Deal Is the New CLEAR Perk for Delta Diamonds & SkyMiles members (or Will It Become)?

➥ Delta’s Biggest Problem With Comfort Plus Seating Is Brand Confusion and Standard Coach Service.

➥ How Delta Made an Allowance to Give My Wife the Best Present Ever – by John @laptoptravel

➥ Did you notice the most interesting quote from the Delta CEO this week? An end to regional partners!

➥ Have You Made Plans for the 2016 Chicago Seminars October 14-16? I Can’t Wait!

➥ Delta, Why Do You Skimp on 1st Class Snack Baskets? It Makes Me Feel Like a Coach Flyer!

➥ Has Delta “IT” (sorta) Fixed One of the Most Frustrating Bugs In “My Delta”? Maybe!

➥ I am switching my Delta “thank you” cards from Starbucks to Amazon!

➥ RenésPoints PodCast EP4 – Should You Ever Do a 0% + Fee Balance Transfer? Maybe If…

➥ USA Today Says: “Eight Reasons to Collect Delta SkyMiles”. Let’s See If “We” Agree or Not.

➥ Sorry PHL but John’s Roast Pork is better than Tony Luke’s Cheese Steak Sandwich (oh, I am in trouble now)!

➥ The Top 10 Delta Myths People (and the Press) Just Keep Sharing (sigh)!

➥ A few hours from now I will land as a Delta Million Miler in DTW on a 747 jet!

➥ 2016 [targeted] Delta 250 SkyMiles survey from Karen Zachary – What do you think?

➥ Can anyone explain this one to me? My Gogo wifi speed is FASTER with my VPN running!

➥ RenésPoints PodCast EP5 – OK just how good is Delta food really? An interview with Noah Mark (Delta fan boy)!

➥ Some Disturbing Developments (Maybe) & Another Round of Delta Schedule Change Saturday Hits!

➥ Welcome to Delta “FAKE” upgrade day 16MAY16. Your Upgrade (sidegrade) is now confirmed? Comfort Plus Upgrade day is here.

➥ GREAT NEWS – MSP Escape Lounge is now part of Priority Pass lounge network!

➥ Delta Sky Club Dallas DFW Airport Review – Terminal E Remodeled location near Gate E11

➥ My Delta Million Miler flight – The planning & start of the run to Japan

➥ How to mine hidden helpful data Delta does not want you to see?

➥ My Delta Million Miler flight – TSA at Chicago O’Hare ORD Airport #IHateTheWait worthy

➥ Delta Comfort Plus Upgrade Reader Questions Answered and other Important bits to know!

#iHateTheWait is just as bad at American Airlines Terminal 3 at ORD O’Hare airport!

➥ BREAKING NEWS: Delta to Change Upgrade Priority with a Companion. Highest Medallion Level Counts!

➥ TSA, Homeland Security, Congress, US Airlines Square-Off Over Long Lines at Airports

➥ What is the exact Delta Air Lines Elite Medallion Fare Class upgrade order? Take a look.

➥ Today’s Delta Schedule Change Saturday Tossed me into a C+ Middle Seat (I hate this)!

➥ Delta’s Change in Upgrade Order Has Reaching Elite Implications. Time to Rethink & Plan for 2017!

➥ Delta Keeps Making Great Program Changes. I am “this close” to becoming a Delta fan boy again!

➥ This has got to be the Dumbest Advice Delta has ever put in print! Agree or not?

➥ My Delta Million Miler flight – Delta 777 Delta One Business class review to Japan NRT Narita Airport

➥ Is there a way to “game” the new Delta C+ “upgrade” mess? What are the pro’s & con’s?

➥ Review: American Airlines Admirals Club Chicago O’Hare ORD T3 near G gates

➥ What are the TOP / BEST #Android travel “must have” APPs you need to install? #TravelTech

➥ Correction: Delta pilots did NOT fall asleep – however radio communications were lost for ~30 minutes!

➥ My Delta Million Miler flight – Delta Gogo International Satellite Speed Review

➥ Delta Air Line Passenger Opens Door and Jumps From Jet at New Orleans MSY Airport

➥ I asked Delta some hard hitting questions about the new Flight Fuel choices. See what you think!

➥ Connecting to Delta at Toronto YYZ & I got the dreaded SSSS on my boarding pass!

➥ An Insight into Alaska Airlines’ Mindset Going Forward with Virgin America Merger

➥ My Delta Million Miler flight – 2016 Delta One TUMI Amenity Kit Black and Gray Review

➥ Are too many elite customers ever a “problem” for an airline? Are customers ever wrong?

➥ Skyteam partner KLM to stop flying 747 jets. A sad day for #AVgeeks like me.

➥ My Delta Million Miler flight – Narita NRT Airport outside observation Deck

➥ Delta News from May 2016 & even Delta Pilots Must Request to “Upgrade” to C+?

➥ Deal Alert: 20800mAh Power Bank Dual USB + Flashlight just $18.99!

Time for me to knock some of the rust off my golf clubs as my flying will be lite in June but back to just about each week in July. I can’t wait for a fun summer. If you were busy this spring you may have missed the  January or February or March or April or May or June or July or August’s  newsletters! Please take a look at what you missed out on! – René


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