Do business cards show up on your credit report? What about credit inquires? Does this help or hurt you?

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my new delta biz amex card inquiry hit

My Delta AMEX business card credit inquiry on my personal credit report

There is only a little over a week to go to get in on the current increased bonus points, both SkyMiles and elite MQMs, for a number of Delta AMEX cards both the personal ones as well as the Delta AMEX business cards.

my new delta amex biz card

I just got this card – did you? 🙂

Since I had never had the Delta AMEX business card EVER in my life according to AMEX, I was eligible to both get the card and get the bonus. I have already met the spend and have the points in my account. They came really fast – it only took a little over a week from approval and meeting the spend and getting the points. I was shocked how fast they arrived.

But what about today’s topic, that is, do business cards show up on your personal credit report? Also what about when you apply for a card, do the credit inquires show up on your personal credit report?

free monitoring

Very nice, free, service!

The simple answer is, under most circumstances, business cards (and lines of credit) do not show up on your personal credit report.

credit score down a few points new cards renespoints

Well worth the bonus points!

However, as you can see from the opening screen shot of my Experian free credit monitoring app (you can get it for iOS here and for Android here) there is a credit inquiry that does show up. I did in fact go for a number of cards this month, not just the Delta AMEX card as I always do just about every 91+ days.

But again if you look at the first screen shot it is not a big deal to me to get a few point hit as every 91+ days, over a period of two years, inquires drop off and the most current one will drop off in 2018.

Now is it a good thing or a bad thing for business cards not to show up in your credit report? That depends. Since we all should have a perfect payment history and always always always pay our cards on time and hopefully in full each month, not having these cards show up does not help you show how perfect your payment history is. Also, if you have had a business credit card for a very long time, not having it show up does not help your length of credit history either.

Bottom line for most of us who are travel points enthusiasts is not if it shows up or not but the short term impact on our credit score and that should be taken into account when applying for cards. We want our score to be as high as it can when going for new travel cards for the best shot at approval to enjoy the latest harvest of travel points! – René


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  1. What about Barclay’s Business Cards? Do they show up on your personal credit report?

  2. @Brennan – I do not hold any Barclays biz cards but I hold them with just about every other bank and none show up on mine.

  3. Capital One reports a business credit card to your personal credit as if it were a personal card – no differentiation whatsoever. They are lazy and apparently the sole bank that does this.

  4. @Webrobby – Txs for feedback. I tend to avoid C1 most times as they pull all 3 credit reports vs most other banks pull just one!

  5. To this part of the post:
    “Since I had never had the Delta AMEX business card EVER in my life according to AMEX”

    how do you find out what cards Amex thinks I have had in the past?

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