Updates on My Global Entry & TSA Pre✓® Renewal – Be Sure to Activate Your New Card & Other Tips!

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my new goes id card

Last week I shared with you my experience of renewing my Global Entry & TSA Pre✓®. How long it took and what bumps in the road I encountered. One thing I was not sure of was if I would get a new Global Entry ID card. I really like having this card as I use it each time I travel. I keep this ID card in my laptop bag that way I never run into a situation where my Drivers license is out of my wallet.

new goes card 1

Take a look at the top screen shot from my GOES page. A new button appeared and it required me to active my new Global Entry ID card.

new goes card 2

Little did I know but much like the 3 digit ID on the back of a credit card there is also just such a number on the back of your and my Global Entry ID card.

new goes card 3

It only took a few seconds and the new card was active and ready for travel. I am under the assumption that my old card was valid until the new one was activated (I did not fly during the renewal time period) but the wording was clear that my old card was no longer a valid form of ID once the new card was “live” if you will. They used the photo from 4 years ago and my new expiration date is ~6 years from now, that is, I did not lose a year of Global Entry & TSA Pre✓® by renewing early.

ktn number delta does not have an exp date

Now some other bits I really recommend. While I did verify my KTN number did not change, had it done so, I would have wanted to update it on my profile at Delta.com in MY DELTA. But notably the change in expiration date of my Global Entry ID card does not (at the current time) need to be updated nor is there even a space on the page.

Anther smart tip once you get your new card (or new passport). I have created on my phone a folder called “ID”. In that folder I have taken a photo of my passport, my new Global Entry ID card (front and back) as well as my Drivers License (front and back) and have screen shots of my Sky Club digital card as well as my SkyMiles digital card. It is great having all this “just in case” like say you got to the airport to fly and forgot your ID. With these and credit cards and such in your name you should be able to still fly. Or, if you say lost your passport, having a copy to print could be very helpful (not to mention I often look at the photo vs real passport when checking in for international flights). – René


my new delta amex biz card

I just got this card – did you? 🙂



  1. Thanks René! I received my updated GE card a couple of months ago but did not activate it until I saw your post! My renewal process was painless as well. Thanks again!

  2. rene,
    Long time reader, first time commenter. Just yesterday I completed my GE interview and will be receiving my card in the mail shortly according to the agent. I have already added my KTN number to my profile. My question goes back to a post you have written before re: Secure Flight Passenger Data on my Delta profile. I have the same name as my father except I am Junior. My state driver’s license has this suffix on it. However, my passport does not. My Delta profile name lists everything correctly and in the appropriate spaces: Prefix, first name, middle name, last name, suffix. But my secure flight passenger date information as my First Name Middle Name in the ‘First Name’ section and Last Name Suffix in the ‘Last Name’ field. Obviously, this is must be an issue of the two not matching up as the last times I have flown internationally, I have to check in with an agent since my passport has my names listed appropriately and my SFPD does not. Is this indeed the case? Will Delta simply fix this by calling them to request this change? And will this also affect my ability to receive precheck since I have added my KTN if I do not have this changed?

    Thanks again

  3. @Watson – You will have to fax or email info to Delta. Yes they will fix no charge just some effort. I would personally have all your info match exactly if you can across all of these forms of ID. Thanks for your comment and reading the blog!

  4. Just got off the phone with Delta. The representative was able to fix the Middle Name portion so that read correctly but said to fix the ‘Jr’ the portion I would have to send my ID in as you said. However, she was of the opinion that this was initially done to have my last name with my suffix to differentiate from my father when we travel together as she said this would cause issues when booking since the system would identify us as having the exact same name. She also confirmed for me that in her opinion I should be good for Precheck on the upcoming trips I have with the changes that were made today despite my last name not lining up quite correctly. I definitely asked her multiple times about this and she seemed confident this would be the case. I will have to wait and see what ends up happening

  5. Just off the phone with Delta. The rep was able to fix my middle name but it was her opinion that my suffix was in the last name slot to differentiate from my dad when we do travel together. She said that this was the case due to the system would recognize us as the same person if this were not the case. To fix that, she would need ID faxed in. As it is, she confirmed for me multiple times that I should be ok for Precheck on my upcoming trips.

  6. NEXUS – Plan early. I am still waiting everyday checking my CBP Goes page like a child on Christmas morning. Yep, I followed your advice Rene and processed my renewal for Traveler Traveler program. I am participating in both the Nexus and Global Entry programs. I completed my renewal application on 6/29 and my status is still “Pending Review”. So after calling the Help desk for the CBP/GOES and waiting on hold for 1 hour and 27 minutes, I was told the average wait now for the NEXUS program is 80 days. So thanks to Rene for the heads up to renew early as it might take your longer than you expected.

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