Are Your Delta Million Mile Totals Missing on Here Is How to See Them (and Much More Frequent Flyer Raw Data)!

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my million miler status is showing on delta-com

My SkyMiles shows my 1MM totals

I have received a bunch of positive feedback on my series covering my flight crossing the million mile mark lifetime with Delta Air Lines and the next part in the series will be the actual 747 that brought me across that line. But that is for later on.

Right now there seems to be a bug on that has a bunch of folks rather annoyed. As expected, there is even a long thread about this ongoing bug on FlyerTalk. I have not personally been affected by this bug and as you can see looking at my total above is correctly displaying my number. But now look at my wife’s progress toward becoming a million miler:

missing lifetime mqms on delta-com

Uh, where did they go Delta?

Ruh roo! BLANK. What happened to her totals? Now in the grand scheme of things for most folks this is not a big deal at all as it can take many many years of constant flying to reach 1 million miles but I can understand many like to track their progress on their MY DELTA page that has SkyMiles information.

So what are your options to check up on your totals until this bug is squished and fixed? Well you can always reach out to Delta on twitter via @Delta (that was @DeltaAssist before). But there is a much faster option. Simply do this:

1) Log in to
2) Click on THIS link

data on lifetime mqms

Oh, there they are Delta! 😉

What you are going to see is a bunch of what looks like gibberish but if you carefully look in the middle of the page you will see your “lifetimeMQM” followed by your total number of MQMs.

There happens to be a bunch more fun raw data to check out as well including things like:

  • AMEX spend totals across all cards
  • Million Miler Member Tier i.e. 1MM, 2MM etc.
  • If you are an International Customer i.e. MQD exempt
  • Lots of other bits

Maybe it is just me as a Tech Geek but I find all this vs the pretty graphical representations on (when working) to be fascinating and I look forward to visiting this link in January to see if it updates faster than the home page when I am working on again meeting my MQD exempt spend in a few weeks next year.

This Medallion raw data link reminds me of the previous hidden raw data link that many blogs, and FlyerTalk, talked about regarding your value as a customer and other background data that can be found via THIS link. We all know Delta loves data and data about us.

Anyway, I am sure Delta will fix this one day soon but until then we have other means to keep up to date on our million mile balances as well as other information. Have you found any other raw data links like the ones above that work to display your personal Delta info and facts? – René

my new delta amex biz card

I just got this card – did you? 🙂



  1. Rene, once years back you had a link that showed how they rated you as a customer – value, spend, type etc that was interesting – does it still exist? I’m at 1,340,000 mqm now, It shows date I qualified at MM too.

  2. Before you click “this link”, make sure you are logged in first else you’ll see computer jibberish with a “not logged in” cryptic message. Thanks Rene.

    2.4M miles and climbing- what happens at 3M miles?

  3. Rene, duh, sorry. But that link for me doesn’t say much or have codes listed. Seems different.

  4. I just checked in with AMEX and I have had the Business gold in the past so I am not eligible. If someone else joins up, can they gift me the MQM from the sign on bonus? Or if I sign up for a second business platinum under a separate business do i get the MQM?

  5. @Diane – New cars bonus can not be gifted. You can still get the card yourself just not bonus again

  6. Hi Rene- I applied for the Platinum Business card and used your link.Application approval is pending…Trying for Diamond again this year… flying Business class to Paris was heavenly. Thanks for all your guidance!

  7. @Rene, I clicked “THIS LINK” above (after logging in), and this “stuff” is what I see:


    Is there a secret decoder ring or am I doing something wrong?

  8. here is my guess for the no MM displayed “bug”.
    I wonder if it has anything to do when the account was “gifted” Silver or Gold status? I suspect your wife has that gift, no? I gifted my husband to Gold this year and now don’t see that MM # anymore in the normal display.
    just a guess of course.

  9. @Rene – Any word on when Delta is going to fix this bug? I’m starting to think they’re going to do away with Million Miler now that you have it : )

  10. Amazing. Thanks ‘a million’ for this post. 103k away for my first million. So happy this works still as of 4/3/19

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