One Tiny Example of how Delta SNAPP Cost Loyal Flyers 4 First Class Upgrades / Seats!

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Delta SNAPP software Single Network APPlication - will be BAD for Delta flyers

I have been warning you about how much you are going to hate, and I mean HATE, Delta SNAPP once it is fully in force with no backup when really needed (and that time is just about upon us btw). Smart Delta reps hate SNAPP and are dreading this winter when there is a massive weather issue and all they can do is offer what SNAPP belches out for them.

This past week I enjoyed burning some points and traveling with my wife. Since I did not want to risk me in coach and her in 1st class (or worse both of us in coach) I booked with points in 1st or business class. Now I ONLY book sales, Level 1 awards (or Level 2 if I must) and in this case I found Level 1 awards two ways. The first way was what Delta.dumb spit out via SNAPP that is GRR-DTW-MSP-DFW (Grand Rapids, Michigan to Detroit to Minneapolis, Minnesota then to Dallas, Texas). Each leg in 1st class. However, I also found GRR-MSP in coach on a CRJ200 at Level 1 and then the same leg I had as part of my itinerary MSP-DFW in 1st class Level 1 (see E7 posts).

Now in the past it was a VERY simple thing to use the multi-leg tool to book this on Delta.dumb and it would price out in seconds correctly, that is, the lowest (highest) price common denominator that is 25,000 points each for a domestic Level 1 business class award. Since Delta broke that useful tool we have to call and call I did. I called and talked to rep after rep and asked for supervisor after supervisor to use DLTERM or some other tool to save Delta money as I was happy to fly a CRJ the short leg and 1st class the long leg. No way – could not get anyone to listen to reason as only what SNAPP spit out on the screen was an option.

Thanks Delta, you want dumb and stupid, powerless reps, you have them now!

Think about this for just a second. Rather than flying direct on a CRJ200 my wife and I took up 2 First class seats flying the wrong way to DTW then yet another 2 First class seats to get up to MSP (taking 2 seats on a hub to hub route no less).

Results like this is the mind numbing stupidity of SNAPP. Power is taken away from helpful elite reps to think and just do what the CPU says to them, upsetting loyal flyers and net costing Delta money in fuel and even potential FCM upgrade sales on the legs we did not want to fly in the first place. If I were a Delta DAL stock shareholder and I learned about this IT blunder I would be furious and demand changes to prevent events like these that clearly costs the company money!

The bottom line for you and me to take away from this is we have to use all our tools to fight against what Delta SNAPP is forcing upon us. We have to “out think” stupidity. How do we do this, you ask, if point to point or leg by leg no longer (or soon no longer) works at all? Consider one-way searches. Look at airports nearby maybe in conjunction with one-way bookings. Consider even using other airline points (like Avios) between the two points on short legs if the net spend on the Delta plus the other airline points is less than just what Delta tells you to spend at Level 3, 4 or 5. Consider splitting the trip with Delta one way and another airline the other way. Consider everything to make sure you do not allow Delta IT and SNAPP to rob you of your hard earned SkyMiles. – René


  1. Great example Rene. Since all DL cares about is money, maybe this one will get their attention. Does anyone know why they have changed to SNAPP? I mean, was the sole purpose to frustrate the customer????

  2. Rene, what is SNAPP used for? Can you explain more about what it is? Thanks.

  3. Hey Rene, related and similar was on four flights in two days this week and noticed a total of four unused first class seats….no one would believe there weren’t some medallions on the flights. The improved smart systems need some dumb old help.

  4. When you call in the agents use a program Axis. SNAPP is primarily used in frontline environments. They’re very different.

  5. I am not sure i am going to even try to fly with Delta anymore. Everything seems so confusing and totally unclear of any “passenger perks”.
    I keep reading to understand yet don’t see any sale or even regular advantages to travel with your airline. All the fussing among airlines just makes me stop traveling by air.
    Why can’t businesses, services and/or product makers just give we, the people, what your pluses are…we could read whomever we are interested in the checkut others as we desire to without all the negative about the competition. All I want to know is what you are “wooing me” customer-wise, price-wise or any other perks you can offer Jane Doe. Then I’ll do my own decision making based on my situation and desired and needs.

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