Delta 1st Class Regional Jet Chicken Salad Lunch – Impressive & Just What IS Possible!

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Delta Air Lines 1st class domstic meal regional jet Cold Chicken Salad RenesPoints travel blog review

I would order this again in a heartbeat!

This year I looked at a number of Delta domestic first class meal choices for lunch and dinner as you can see above. Most are either good or even very good. A few are, well, a bit disappointing. If you look at the turkey sandwich review you will feel right at home in 5th grade.

But it was on a regional jet you may say. You may think since only cold or chilled choices were an option there is only so much an airline can do. And, you would be wrong. Take a look at the photo at the top of this post for the Chicken Salad that was presented to me.

First off the chicken salad was mayo based and included diced green onions & celery on a crisp radicchio leaf. Not only was the flavor good but the presentation was pleasant and even the amount provided was just right. But that was due to the rest that was included.

Next to this was a pasta salad that included capers, fresh mozzarella pearls and cherry tomatoes (my wife got an olive instead – maybe a need for some quality control). Either way this also was fresh and nice and worked well with the chicken salad.

Then to keep the taste buds firing you had some pickled onions with carrots and cauliflower. Now I am not a cauliflower fan but the acidity of the pickling was just what was needed with the somewhat more neutral pasta and chicken.

Additionally we have, for a small but perfect bread type side, La Panzanella crackers. You get some much needed crunch with these after all the softer food presented.

Finish this off with a Dancing Deer brownie and you are most satisfied for a lunch or dinner meal on a Delta regional jet.

Delta Air Lines Wente Merlot red wine on all regional partners RenesPoints blog

Please Delta, give us something better!

If I had one complaint it is the red wine offered on ALL of the Delta regional partners is the Wente Merlot. What a disappointing choice and, other than white, the only choice we will get. I so wish Delta could, at least in first class, offer the same choices as the mainline jets.

But let’s not end on this complaining note because the lunch was really fantastic and the flavors worked so well with each other. You can tell thought and testing went into these choices and they paired well and it shows what is possible and how impressive a simple cold lunch can be compared to a 5th graders brown bag lunch choice.

Give me more choices like this one Delta. Impressive! – René


  1. I cant comment on the First Class meals yet, as my last two upgrades were during non meal trips and short legs, FLL-ATL and back.

    I do however not care for the new Apricot cookies and the pomegranate/nut bar was quite tasty, it was very sticky for an airplane snack.

    I am also not a big fan of the Lemon white chocolate chip cookies in the SkyClubs.

  2. Rene – How similar was it to the Chix salad served in the Sky Club? I’ve been eating Sky Club “Meals” before most of my short flights recently. Unfortunately my flight last week from DTW to LAS was delayed so I had to eat as I couldn’t hold out any longer, the meal served, The infamous DL Burger.

    PS. I like your comment today on FT. I would be the one you quoted.

  3. Where’s the chicken? Delta needs to allow us to pre-order. Air Berlin and Norwegian both do this. Works well. Good choices, too.

  4. Just yesterday on LAX-AUS E75 I had a new one on me. They called it a Protein Plate. Was a piece of beef, chicken breast, turkey(?) and ham with three cheeses, a small roll and a brownie(!).

    Very simple – – but really enjoyed it. Good, hard to screw up ingredients.

  5. Thai noodle salad the best I have ever had on Delta.
    Would pay to have this again!

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