Life Changing – First Time Using CLEAR & Mobile Passport – Better than Chocolate!

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CLEAR signup spot MCO airport RenesPoints blog

CLEAR at MCO Orlando Airport

For those of you who have used these two stunningly amazing products you can either skip this post or just giggle at me for being late to the game – for everyone else – oh my, what a life changing experience and let me put this as plainly as I can:


Let’s start with CLEAR. As I have shown that once you have signed up online as a Delta frequent flyer it takes only a few short minutes with the always helpful assistance from the CLEAR reps at any airport (that has them) to finish the process. Then the fun begins!

  • Lines – what lines
  • ID – what ID
  • Scan your boarding pass – what is the scan you speak of
  • Looks from TSA PreCheck people – well yeah, you get that! 😉

Let me break this down a little more. At this point CLEAR is the empty fast lane. Yeah, I know it will not take long for more and more to catch on but for now it is RIDICULOUSLY fast. Ever feel rushed going through security – I did. Loved it so much. Oh and not having to get our your ID. It sounds like a simple thing but it is just, well, amazing. Then, once CLEAR scans your boarding pass, they just wave it at the TSA folks as they take you to the front and past all the TSA PreCheck folks (if you have TSA PreCheck and the airport has TSA PreCheck that is). Either way, the looks from everyone who you jump ahead of are most enjoyable (but quick).

Due to the fact that I was, on this latest trip, flying out of one non-connected concourse and wanted to go the other that had THE CLUB at MCO it meant many trips back and forth and I just did not care as it all went so fast. Again, CLEAR, to be clear, is life changing for me.

renespoints first time using mobile passport MCO airport

I LOVE THIS! Mobile Passport

Then we have my second first, that is, testing Mobile Passport (MP). I may be sounding like a broken record to those like @Laptoptravel who know how great this APP is. First, if you forget, you can land, install the APP, take 10 seconds and fill in the info, then you have your MP to enter the USA (if the airport has this). You will have to have your passport out at the first scan but then all you need is your phone (or tablet if you have cell service or can get wifi I would think).

I love Global Entry ($100 fee paid for by my non-Delta AMEX Platinum card) and will always have it but whenever there is an airport with MP I will not use Global Entry. MP is just better, faster and so simple. Like CLEAR, this APP is life changing. Oh, and if you did not take the time to read the previous post, this APP is FREE! – René

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  1. Cannot use Mobile App because they don’t support green card holders. Cannot use CLEAR because they don’t have it at MSP. :(((((

  2. Had major problems with Clear at DCA. My boarding card would not scan and the Clear agent did not know what to do. I went to the pre check line. Along comes another Clear agent who pulled me out and had the same issue but finally found me in the system. That too a lot longer than the pre check line. My wife had the same issue in DEN and it took her 10 minutes to get past Clear. All other times it has been great when the scanner works.

  3. René, glad to hear you had the opportunity to take advantage of Clear at MCO. It has been here for years but I could never justify the cost. Now that Delta’s DMs get it for free, I use it every time I fly. What a sweet deal!

    Thanks to my Am Ex Platinum card I also have Global Entry and will always carry it for those airports not serviced by Clear.

    IMO Clear is much easier to apply for than Global Entry because the collection of biometrics at the airport doesn’t require an appointment.

  4. I have Global and Mobile Passport. I have used MP 5 times and have beaten the Global customers through the process! It is way better and easier, no question. Sure it may not be available everywhere but nothing is at launch. Waiting to get clear in MSP – hurry Delta, please.

  5. I have Global Entry. Reading about Mobile Passport, it seems redundant. What am I missing?

  6. Had Clear in the past. They took a $300 payment and went bankrupt with no compensation or credit or even an offer when program came back. Be cautious of using them as they take a lot of personal (retinal scan, fingerprints) information and are not very credible based on past performance. Lots of complaints like this from other members with the same experience.

  7. @Marcos – GOES already has my finger prints. Plus, with Delta as an investor, I think this time around they will be AOK. Sorry for what you lost btw.

  8. agree on both counts. Used both a couple times now and have worked great. now if both would spread across more locations

  9. I signed up for Clear and the day I went to register my prints both times they tired I was denied because I had a security question that I swear was not related to me. After 2 times you have to wait 24 hours so I stopped by after my MCO – SDQ run and I tried again and everything worked fine. My question and I forgot to ask – I have Global Entry – Does this need to be link or does this just put you in the global entry line once you pass thru?

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