$100 off CLEAR membership now for Delta AMEX card holders! Value “KeepsClimbing “

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clear discounted now for delta amex card holders

$100 discount now for AMEX card holders!

I am clearly a HUGE fan now of CLEAR. When you can combo CLEAR with TSA PreCheck you are just “flying” through security. I cannot wait as a frequent Delta flyer for CLEAR to expand to all the Delta hubs. But notice a change today on the Delta news & updates site.

way back machine

The old wording on Delta.com

Yep when we compare it to the old wording with the “Way Back Machine” we see that Delta has now added (for primary card holders only, personal and business) the big 3 Delta AMEX cards to the $100 discounted level for becoming a CLEAR member

   Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express <— Link


   Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card <— Link


   Delta Reserve® Credit Card from American Express <— Link

Plus, you can work these discounts even more for your family because once you are a CLEAR member you can add kids under 18 FREE and other family members for just an even steeper discounted cost of $50 each:

clear retail price

This really is another nice perk Delta has combo’d with Delta AMEX card holder as now one person in the family could hold the card for all the perks the card gives you and add faster security access for a greatly discounted price. Impressive.

Now the big question will be just how long will it take till we see CLEAR, not just at Delta hubs, but at all the major airports nationwide. Personally I think it will not take that long. We shall see! – René


  1. Excellent news. Time to sign up the rest of the fam.
    BTW, I used CLEAR at LAS last week. It was ridiculously easy. I was the only person at the sign up and I was the only person using it two days later.
    Both agents were extremely helpful and courteous.
    On the way out they essentially pushed me to the front of the TSA ID check and he simply waived me through.
    The look on everyone else’s face was fantastic.
    Curb to Terminal D(train gates) was 7 minutes.

  2. Ha, agree. I’ve been to LAS enough to recall the nightmare TSA lines that stretched down the hall, thru the ropes and down the dang escalator.

  3. CLEAR is worse than the regular line at IAH. There is precheck on the delta side but curiously, the clear booths are on the aa/spirit side. there is no precheck at the AA side so while you skip the main line, you are still behind spirit people after the ID check. Supposedly they are going to move it to the delta and precheck side ‘soon’

  4. Was thinking this actually is another reason to not bother with the card if GM+. Other than miles boost I just dont see the added value in them really unless its your only card…..*gasp*

    They really shouldn’t even have regular skymiles membership at all. Just sell membership at the Gold DL AMEX AF and FO at the DL PLAT AMEX AF. Make GM entry level for medallion. So much quicker and more convenient to just sell those two status.

    This is my jaded SkyMiles program valuation yoyo talking…

  5. It’s nice to have the fee reduced to $79 but it is only for one year and is not at very many airports, none I currently fly to and from. TSA pre-check is $85 for five years. I think I’ll also wait until clear expands to a few more airports before I apply.

  6. I live in Vegas so signed up when I got an email for $99/ yr.
    The one time I’ve used it was rather strange and I’m not sure if this is usual: Nobody ever asked to see my photo ID.
    I used the fingerprint CLEAR machine and was escorted to the front of the precheck line where the TSA guy simply waived me through while the employee of CLEAR held up the stamped boarding pass so he could see it from about 4 feet away.

    Is this normal?

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