TODAY – Delta “Soft Launches” Medallion +1 Level Upgrades! Call to request yours.

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THIS is the day we have been waiting for since back in May this year when I posted about the changes to the Delta medallion upgrade order, that is, as of today with the soft launch you can request to have your +1 that is on the same itinerary as you be eligible for upgrade at your elite level.

This simply means if you have Diamond status and your +1 with you has NO status you are both considered Diamonds as far as upgrade priority goes.


Upgrade order list from

Now clearly a ton more goes into the mix other than your elite status but that is one of the TOP most important factors on the long list including things like holding the Delta Reserve card as one of the tiebreakers.

Since this is so new I would love some feedback on how it is working for you. Also, since today is not the “official” launch day some elite reps may not know about the soft launch. If that is the case simply HUCB and get a rep that knows that today you CAN request it.

EDIT: Update – It seems instant Diamond and Platinum  C+ “upgrades” with your +1 is working live on as well.

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  1. Thank you, I just called to put my non-status wife on the list and the representative knew what I was talking about…
    I have the Delta Reserve, does the Reserve card improve upgrade for both? or just for me?

  2. But I don’t suppose this will work if one is a paid ticket and the other was bought with Skymiles?

  3. I’m PM and wife is FO for a few more miles.

    I went into a res we have on a Eurocopter (heh heh) and tried to select C+ seats. Didn’t work.

    Then I discovered FTer Pauly_Long’s tip ( about *unchecking* the C+ UG request box, confirming, then re-requesting the C+ upgrade, then confirming/saving. Worked like a charm. Both of us are now in C+ on the “chopper!” 😉

  4. Hey Rene, 1st and foremost THANK YOU for posting this as I have been waiting for it! 2nd is my question. I am GOLD right now and after my flights on Friday I will be Platinum. I am traveling with my wife in November who has no Status on a single reservation. If I call Delta now under being a Gold Member, once I become Platinum on Friday do I call again or expect a higher upgrade? Right now both C+ and 1st look very open on my flights. Thank you

  5. @Santiago – Please wait till at your it shows you at Platinum. All will just work better and no rush anyway.

  6. Thank you so much Rene for the heads up!!!

    And also a shout out to Chris C. for the tip on un-checking the upgrade box and checking it again. Worked for me too.

  7. So did the HUCB three times, 3 diff reps, only one knew about the soft launch but said they couldn’t do anything only the computer was being soft launched today and they had no control. Then I read the comments here…
    ( about *unchecking* the C+ UG request box, confirming, then re-requesting the C+ upgrade, then confirming/saving. Worked like a charm.

    And it worked like a charm for me. Now we are both up in Comfort + automatically and on the FC list. Thanks Rene and others!

  8. Just checked our reservations that were booked on Skymiles and it is showing “not upgrade eligible”, so I can’t even uncheck the upgrade box and recheck it. I guess I will have to call. Any thoughts if we upgrade the +1 and then we cancel his flight closer to time so we can pay for his flight?

    Thanks for all your help! Just applied for an Enhanced Bus Plat this morning using your link! Card should be here in 2 business days. Looking forward to using this card!

  9. @Mary – Congrats on the card and thanks for support. Yes call. Not sure how it would go if you do what you suggest.

  10. the way i see it there will be less upgrades for the rest of us if a no medallion spouse or travel buddy gets the seat!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dotti cathill, If someone who is Diamond ALWAYS flies with a companion, the companion would be diamond too?

  12. Tried to do this 2 weeks ago on an award ticket and was told only the traveler with status is U/G eligible (when traveling with non status person) and only if I’d be willing to split the PNR. I wonder if this changes this for travelers on the same PNR traveling on an award ticket? Thoughts?

  13. @rene does this change the value of using one of the diamond choice benefits to gift status to your spouse? My spouse never flies alone, only with me. I’m diamond and she has no status. In this case, is gifting status a waste?

  14. Rene- Does it have to be the same spouse each time LOL? Can I upgrade a friend?

    Also, What if the +1 is only flying with me on the back half of a roundtrip?



  15. So if both medallion and companion were award tickets, do these upgrade? I am still confused whether award tickets count although I have not seen official wording that excludes then.

  16. Thanks Rene. I am Platinum with a trip showing Not Complimentary Upgrade eligible. Some of the legs do have C+ and First, so I guess I just need to call vs. online attempt

  17. @Rene Maybe I am dense, but where do you check/uncheck that? I do not see any buttons on the “My Trips” view of this itinerary. I am only seeing that if I go into “Change” button from there, but I cannot save the change without searching for new flights.

    I will probably call anyway, just to be safe. I am just curious since I do not see “Manage Complimentary Upgrades” which is clickable. I only see the not eligible statement, which was true in the past.

  18. @Matt – Ah, it may not be popping up due to the old rules. Yes, call. Please comment back. BTW if you get a rep that says NO, I would HUCB as again the wording on does not exclude you under new rules (but they may update that soon).

  19. @Rene – I finally got around to calling, but they would not do it. They did point to the rules where it says “Companion upgrades are not available for travel on Award Tickets or Pay with Miles.”.

    This is noted in the 1st class and C+ sections of the page, with the 1st class section being more specific to list out revenue classes. So not sure if this is recently changed or just well hidden in the rules… but no go.

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