A simple FIX for #DDoS Attacks that got me back up INSTANTLY today (test it free)!

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Today started very strangely. I could not pull up Twitter. Then all my card links failed all at once (no they did not drop the blog as an affiliate). I e-mailed Gary from A View From The Wing as I could not pull up some of his links either. He said his were fine and he could pull up all of mine as well. Just what was going on?

We now know it was a worldwide massive DDoS or Denial of Service attack on one of the big hubs that routes internet addresses around the world.

Throughout the day the attacks have worked their way from east to west, but the really strange part was that my Comcast could not access Twitter at all but my Sprint phone could. That got me thinking and I fired up my VPN or Virtual Private Network from Tunnel Bear  <-LINK on my PC (something I normally only do from my phone or laptop when on the road for safety).


Low and behold, once I changed my “location” to Sweden (a good choice due to sick fast internet speeds), I was able to access Twitter or anything else I wanted at very good speeds.

This goes to show that in today’s tech world we need to stay a step ahead. We should all be using VPNs when NOT on a secure WiFi access point but today’s attack gives us another way to keep working and a solid workaround to attacks like these.

Bottom line, have you tested Tunnel Bear yet? If not – you should NOW! – René



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  1. Just the laughs I got from TunnelBear’s graphics made it worthwhile. Thanks!

    PS – Voting early and voting often at USAToday.

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