What are your favorite AVgeek-ness web sites? Here are a few of mine!

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The iss from Listen To The Clouds web site

Let’s face it – we are a unique group of enthusiasts. Not everyone will do a “squirrel” and look when we see a jet up in the air or a 747 anywhere. Or, when it comes to points, will start to drool every time we hear something is 5x or stackable or FREEEEEE! You know, all of this is just AOK (at least to me). So being an AVgeek, what else do I love to daydream of flightwise when not at an airport or on a plane. Let’s peek a few gems.


The shot at the top of this post is from the ISS or International Space Station whizzing around the planet above our heads from  “Listen To The Clouds” site.  What a neat site. Not only can you see the view of our amazing blue marble from space, but also enjoy relaxing background music on your PC while you work. And more. You can also listen in to chatter from airports around the world. For me, listening to GOT or Gothenburg airport is just neat as well as many of the domestic Delta hubs too.


You can even scroll down and change what music is playing. Ambient music and airline chatter – yeah – you gotta be an airplane geek to love this! What other sites?


Another one loved by many is the SXM Maho Beach cam. This is an iconic runway location and spot to visit to watch planes land right over your head and at takeoff blow folks into the ocean. If you have never been, you may want to follow the blog over the next few weeks for an upcoming announcement you may really like!

What else? Well you tell me and include the link in your comment below on the blog. What are some of the most special and uniquely AVgeek web sites you save or now and then turn to to get your inner travel child fix for the day? – René





  1. Rene,
    I know you are a busy man and I appreciate all you do. Do you accept private emails for Delta advice? If not, do you know anyone who does? On SJU flight now and the +1 policy has negativily an upset “self described” Diamond.
    Thanks in advance.

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