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FINAL WEEKEND for AMAZING 10,000 MQMs & 70,000 SkyMiles Delta AMEX Platinum offer – ACT NOW (I DID)!

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If you wait, you will miss this!

If you are an uber procrastinator – I feel for you. But there is still hope. There is still just a tiny, little bit of time still to not say to yourself: “Gosh, I wish I had jumped on those 10,000 MQMs when I had a chance. Now I am going to have to pay Delta THOUSANDS of dollars to get them because I simply don’t have TIME for a mileage run – even a custom one from my home airport! Please, don’t let this be you.

First things first as no one seems to get this. If you have 1 or 2 or 3 of the other Delta co-branded credit cards it will in NO WAY impact your ability to A) get this card or B) get the bonus. The ONLY thing that could stop you from this amazing offer is if you have EVER in your lifetime had the BUSINESS Delta AMEX Platinum card before <-LINK. My guess is, since so few get business cards, that answer is NO and thus you can get this card and the offer including the 10,000 MQMs.

The big question is will I go for this offer as well. Notice I have in PRINT from AMEX that I have never ever had this card before (yay me)! But I am outside my normal 91+ day cycle for cards since I recently got the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. But, I really don’t have much spending to do before 1JAN17 when I will, in a very short period of time, run at least $30,000 on my Delta Reserve card and maybe push it and run $60,000 in about 6 weeks. So spend, right now, is no issue. The only question is approval and since I only have 3 AMEX credit cards plus one charge card (4 credit cards is max mix personal and business) so that is not an issue either. Plus, my FICO score is looking just fine for new cards!

Even with dozens of cards, this is my FICO score!

I would, if I go for this card, hold ALL 3  Delta business cards AT ONE TIME! That, on it’s own, as a blogger would be reason enough to go for the card thus I am just about ready to pull the trigger on this one. So…

Yep, instant approval – I now hold ALL 3 Delta business AMEX cards!

Bottom line, even though I will be rolling over just shy of Diamond Medallion status into 2017 I am happy to add this amazing offer of another 10,000 MQMs toward my 2018 qualification. I know I will want to during 2019 at least be Platinum if not Diamond Medallion again and this card will help me do that. Oh, and clearly, I will take the $100 airline credit for getting the card and buying anything on-board as well as the 70,000 SkyMiles (needed with all the devaluations as of late)!

So tell me, why are you not going for this offer this weekend Delta flyers? – René



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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. So, thinking about biting on the 70000/10000MQM offer since it is so juicy. One concern, how does Delta manage to see only your reserve card versus others? Wouldn’t want to miss upgrades because their stellar IT has things mixed up.

    • @Joe – What works for me is ONLY enter it as a Delta form of payment. Also it should show up in your My Delta.

  2. Jon Markee Reply

    So if you have three months to meet the spend requirement for the 10,000 MQM bonus and you don’t hit the spend bonus until 2017, does that mean those 10,000 MQMs will post for the 2017 or 2018 status year?

    • @Joe – AMEX is not crystal clear on that. If you want them on next year I would delay spend to finish after 1JAN17. But do not be shocked if it counts back on 2016.

  3. Rene:
    I’m wondering your thoughts on this. I’m currently Plat. I just got this card. If I hit the intro spend limit this year I’ll make Diamond. Im thinking I should rollover my 40,000 miles instead do the spend in Jan and start the year @50,000 mqms. I plan to hit the delta reserve 30,000 bonus by Feb via some of your techniques. Most of my travel occurs in the fall so really my next delta flight won’t happen until May and lots in Sept and Oct. So I figure hit Diamond in the fall of next year and carry that for 2018. Your thoughts?

    • @Toda – Like you plan but think about vacation or MR travel before your biz trips.

  4. I am also debating going for the Business or Personal. Hold the Delta Reserve Personal – and it is not clear whether holding that implies I hold all “Delta Amex Personal” cards. Did write in as you educated us on and it shows I have never held the Platinum Card before. Any thoughts or just a personal decision?

    • @Joe – You call if not had either. My gut guess is the personal will have more promos that biz but who knows. Either would be good call with current offer.

  5. Spending $60K in 6 weeks. That is what sets you apart from many of your readers. Glad for you, but please don’t write like everyone else has that kind of cash flow, even if we have a small business.

  6. Rene, I just booked a round trip ticket using my platinum husbands frequent flyer miles. My husband booked his flight through his company travel agency because he has to as it is a business trip. I used 35,000 miles. He paid for main cabin and immediately got bumped up to comfort+. We called to link our flights and move my seats up to his C+ seats beside him. Now remember there are lots of open seats in c+ (and first, for that matter). The agent said we could only move my seats to sit beside him for an additional 20,000 miles. I’be never been told that in the past. Does this also mean that if he gets bumped to first, delta would want even more miles for me to sit with him? I thought diamonds and platinums spouse could sit with them after early October?

    • @Chris – Does not work this way. You have to be on the SAME itinerary in PAID seats. If you are talking awards it goes back to the fact you both upgrade the old way at the lowest status and you must be at least SILVER to get any shot at an award upgrade.

  7. Did you get my question about being told it would take an additional 20000 points to get to sit with my husband and delta wouldn’t link the account until we authorized that?

  8. Wow, that’s interesting because I haven’t bought a ticket in, oh, ten years, and the only seat I couldn’t move to be with him was up to first, and we would not link our itinerary so he did have a shot at the first upgrade. Obviously, I didn’t realize the +1 benefit had to be a paid ticket. Gonna have to think long and hard about this one because I just don’t think I’m going to enjoy sitting in the last four rows of a 737 or an md88 on four different legs because that’s all that is available on a fully open plane for us award ticket flyers . . . We were going to use a companion ticket but now you can only book that online whereas the travel agent had always been able to do it so that his ticket got expensed through the company appropropriately and we paid the extra that a companion ticket cost over an individual ticket. I apologize for complaining because I truly am fearful of flying but refuse to miss the fun few trips he goes on. Maybe I need for my husband to be my “comfort” human so I can sit beside him! Do keep up the great work and I’ll try to do better reading the rules you so clearly spell out for us.

  9. Hi, Would you clarify – I already hold the Ink Business Plus and the personal Delta Reserve. I’ve been thinking based on your Skymiles has died article that the next two cards I’d go for are the Sapphire Reserve and the non-Delta AmEx Business Platinum.
    I’m PM for 2017 and would need 30k MQM to make Diamond. Is there a compelling reason to go for the Delta version of the Business Platinum in place of the non-Delta?
    Thank you!

  10. Rene, quick question I thought this promo was $3k spend on the Platinum card to get the 70k RDM / 10k MQM bonus. I got the business card and I’m now told it was $5k spend in the first 90 days for the 70k RDM / 10k MQM. Do you happen to remember if the spend requirement was different for the business cards?

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