“FREE” Delta EXECUTIVE (full) Sky Club Membership via BofA card spend? Yep!

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Not a bad offer at all!

A little while back VFTW had a post that caught my attention and I meant to get back to it because something did not feel right about the offer. Then today DOC had a post that brought me back to it again and I had to find the answer as a Delta flyer.

You see, the above offer from Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a solid offer (<- direct bank link – not mine) – that is, after spend, you can get 50,000 points and 25,000 points gets you a ticket worth max $500. This is in many ways a similar program to the US Bank FlexPerks points.  As far as Delta is concerned this is a purchased ticket (not an award). But there is an even better prize from this card for some.


WoW! This is sweet.

Each of the other two bloggers pointed out that Sky Club membership is included, but not what TYPE of Delta Sky Club membership – that is, INDIVIDUAL or EXECUTIVE? As you can see from this link talking about the card it is the latter – that is, full membership for those who spend $50,000 a year on the card.


Sky Club Membership cost / year

So we are talking, in addition to the new card offer, a possible $695 yearly perk. Again, as Delta flyers this could be a sweet upgrade as even Diamonds only get individual club membership free. Already have full membership? They will tack on another year to the end.

Plus, this is real club membership, so even though all the T&C on the Merrill site says you have to be flying Delta to use it I think they are wrong on that point. Unlike the Delta AMEX Reserve card that DOES require you to be flying Delta, when you are a Delta real club MEMBER you can enter the Sky Clubs any time you like.

Another perk of going for this card, and doing the mega $50,000 spend, is for those of you who are now each year using one of your Diamond Choice Benefits to upgrade from individual to executive club membership. Now you could instead pick another item like gifting Gold Medallion status to someone (or one of the other options you like better).

If you always travel with your +1 and they have another card or an authorized user card like the non-Delta AMEX Platinum card to gain entrance without charge you could then cancel that card and save some annual fees as well once you have executive membership.

I know $50k spend is a big number but there are many who have big spending each year or are able to, one way or another, end up charging that much (hello Simons Malls or Kiva etc.). I am seriously considering this card as I have the ability to knock out this much spend rather quickly and the cost to get that spending accomplished will be offset 1-for-1 when I redeem the points. Not bad at all!

Other than this one perk I do not see this becoming an everyday spending card as there are so many other better choices and even the perks like travel delay protection are sub-par on this card compared to most others (it is 12-hour delay and max $100 per day).

What do you think? Is this a card you will add to your collection and spend $50k a year to get “free” executive Sky Club membership each year? – René



  1. Your ” ask Rene” tab is not helpful… can’t find how to ask a question. It makes me feel like you really don’t want any questions. I don’t mind doing some work for my answers, but there are so many other places to go that are more user friendly.

  2. @Jim – You were able to leave a comment on this post, why is it any harder to leave a comment / question on the “Ask René” pages? Confused?

  3. Thanks for this. I signed up for this card a week ago, but i figured it would be the individual membership, not the executive. Awesome 🙂

  4. Just a thought. In the terms it says “$50,000 or more a year on your Merrill+ credit card”. It seems like the $50k spend is annually, so would it be better to hold off on any spend on the card till January 1st, or do you think its $50k during the cards 1st year (nov 2016 – nov 2017)?

  5. @T – As far as club access goes, when you call, they are giving you 12 months the T&C says. If you already have full access they tack it on the end. So when does not really seem to matter for that.

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