Delta’s Lunch Italian Chicken Panini Sandwich is SO CLOSE to a home run but ends up a “fowl” ball.

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PLEASE – Fix this Delta! It’s about the BREAD!

I talk a lot about Delta food. Delta themselves talk a lot about their food and how good it is. Others, like Vogue, also brag on Delta food onboard. Bottom line is Delta normally does either a very good or solid job when it comes to meals at 500MPH and that is saying something. But then we have the few times they totally strike out and it is due to one simple issue – bad bread (cue reader Noah Mark who knows bread)!

This past week I again got to sample the lunch choice of the Italian chicken panini sandwich. I was SOOOOO hoping they changed to a better bread than before because the sandwich includes:

  • Nice grilled chicken
  • A light marinara sauce
  • Sprinkling of capers
  • Split black olives
  • Soft white cheese

All this makes for a decent flavor to enjoy but…. Not when the bottom slice of bread is so limp the thing falls apart and tastes like a soggy mush ball. All the bits ooze to the middle of the sandwich and create a sandwich almost impossible to eat.

Again, disappointing because this choice has the potential to be really good with a full pickle on the side, a small, but adequate amount of chips and even hot soup if requested to round out the lunch.

Delta, when you are going to learn bread matters? Perhaps a flat bread like focaccia or a French baguette or even ciabatta (that you already use for other sandwiches!)? Have you tried the Italian chicken panini sandwich? What do you think about the bread choice? – René

One comment

  1. This is yet another example of why Delta needs to launch pre-ordering of meals. This sandwich is completely unacceptable, as I imagine there were only two choices — this and pasta or something like that. The chicken isn’t on the side, so vegetarians can’t eat this. The bread is likely white bread and not gluten free, so that’s another strike. The cheese is probably processed. This sandwich probably costs Delta $3.

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