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When you do a Sky Club search on for IAH Houston Texas airport you only see one pop up – that is the KLM lounge very near to the Air France lounge.


However, as long as the lounge is not at capacity, you can enter as a Delta Sky Club member flying a Delta flight that day or as a Skyteam GM+ on an international flight. Additionally, if you happen to be a Priority Pass member included with cards like:

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Then you may also use this lounge located at the very end of the D concourse.


I was warmly greeted by the staff and looked forward to comparing this to the KLM Crown lounge as well as the Centurion nearby (reviews on those clubs up soon).


The club is tiny but they maximize the space available including some seating right in front of the entrance door.


If you are looking for reading material this club has one of the largest selections I have seen in a domestic club.




To the right of the entrance is the largest seating area in the club including some semi-private areas. The seats were comfortable and while a small club it did not feel cramped.



Left of the entrance is additional seating and a long bench for laptop use as well as the food service area.


Beverages are self service and quite extensive for such a small club. I was impressed.




All are complimentary and there was a decent mix of name brand hard liquors and the wines and champagne were quite interesting and not what you would expect to see in a “normal” Priority Pass lounge.




Food service was light but again decent for the size of the club. Soup, small sandwiches and wraps as well as other light treats. This goes to show what you can provide with limited space.



Beyond all this there were also other snacks as well as chips in baskets here and there throughout the club.

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed my visit to the Air France lounge and as long as you are not visiting at the peak travel time for AF flights I think this lounge is worth a visit. Just make sure if you are flying Delta you give yourself about 15-20 minutes to get over to your concourse.

Have you had a chance to visit this Skyteam lounge in IAH? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? – René


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  1. I was at IAH recently, and the Air France lounge was not yet open. I think it opens at noon, but I had a flight to DTW at around 12:30, and the D concourse is three away from the A concourse, where DL domestic flights are found. (The train is quick, but not that quick.)

    I found the KL lounge very disappointing. The front desk agent had to fill out a form with my credentials, which took a few minutes. (Showing a boarding pass with Sky Club indicated is not enough — I presume the staff needs to show justification to the bean counters in Amsterdam.) Most seating is at tables for two, with not much lounge seating. Acoustics are such that one can hear everyone’s conversations Heated food consisted of a thin broth. Cold food was some vegetables and bagged chips. There was a self-service bar with decent spirits and wines, but no champagne. Sky Clubs are better in almost every respect.

  2. I was in the IAH KLM club yesterday and noticed it’s fallen quite a bit over the last couple of years. Cheaper booze …. few recognizable brands and certainly not premium. Dirty tables. Poorly stocked pop cooler. Unattractive food choices. I’ve been going there for a few years but and was always pleased but this visit was a big disappointment… the AF lounge at IAH looks Dramatically nicer.

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