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Delta One Business Class Seat Review A330-200 Seattle to Hong Kong RenesPoints blog

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It seems everyone in the blogosphere feels that the herringbone seat design, used by Delta on the A330 and 747 jets, is considered the best. Let’s see if that is in fact the case and you can start a full screen slide show by clicking any photo or just watch on the clip below:

I was really looking forward to this flight as I have flown just about every Delta One seat, including this one on a 747, but not on the A330.



One the A330-200 the Delta One cabin is broken down into two sections with a mini cabin toward the back with a galley in-between.




Bedding is Westin “Heavenly” and you get a large and small pillow to enjoy. On Asian routs like mine you also get slippers and Delta One branded jammies.



The center section is very well setup for those traveling together as you are close to each other yet not on top of each other or unlike the 777 opposite design having to stand up to talk to someone next to you (in the middle seats that is).



As for the window side they do provide, even without a door like soon to come on the Delta One Suites, a good amount of privacy.


Some feel the foot well feels cramped on this and most Delta One seats but I feel it is just fine.



The video screens pop out but again, like the 777, must be stowed at takeoff and landing and if you want to start watching a movie early or enjoy through landing you will have to get creative with your neck to keep watching unlike on the Delta One seats that face forward.


One area where all Delta One seats fail miserably is storage. You basically have none at all. Plan for using the overhead bins. Period.


I have always bragged about Delta food and this flight was a mixed bag due to catering not following what was on the menu.


Not that the food was not good, but just lacking a number of things including wine choices.


I chose the western meal from Seattle and decided to try the Chinese back from Hong Kong (more on that in a later post). It was fresh and very good. Only drawback was not enough bread.


Salad and soup were good also if not a bit sparse. But enough to prepare you for the main course.


I have to tell you the photo just does not do this justice. It was without doubt the best steak I have ever had on a jet. It was a perfect medium and with the flavored butter on top and perfect vegetables I was left wishing I could have this on almost every Delta flight I take. It was that good.


On to dessert that is presented by cart. Normally on Delta One international flights you have the choice of cheese plate with fruit and an ice cream Sunday. This time we also had a chocolate lava cake choice. What to choose.



Yeah, I went with both but only so you could see them for this review (yes, I am sticking with that). Both were really good and left me ready for a few hours sleep.


After a few hours they offered a mid flight snack. See the little ramekin in the left corner. That garlic cheese spread is to die for if you like garlic. Again, a light but fresh mid flight meal on a 14+ hour flight.


The only disappointing meal was the final one before landing. Keeping in mind this had been waiting for about 12 hours on a cart I guess I can see why. Everything was dry and disappointing. I should have asked for more cheese and fruit and called it good.

Overall this was a really pleasant flight. The service was about perfect. The food was overall great or very good. The seats I have some issues with.

For me this is not the best choice even on the 747. I like the fully forward facing seats on the 767 while others feel they are coffin like. Maybe you can chime in on the comments below what your favorite is.

Lastly I love the mini cabin on this jet. Service is quick and you get some FAs from coach as well as those in Delta One taking care of you. Also, as far as storage goes, in the front and back rows you have a nice flat area to put things on in flight. I love this to get my laptop out of the way during meals (since storage is lacking).

Have you flown the Delta One A330? Is this your favorite Delta One seat? – René


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Herringbone 100%!

    The forwarded facing seats make me feel trapped at my feet. Plus, they are narrow at the top of the seat and that makes it impossible to lay down.

  2. Chris Bastian Reply

    The middle seating format appears to make it hard to travel with a partner.

    • @Chris – Actually the opposite. You have easy access yet not on top of each other.

  3. I like this reverse herringbone over the 767 seats because of amount of privacy this seat provides. 2J is my pick, I like being well forward of the engine on the starboard side. The port side view while at the gate is of the jet bridge; less than ideal for a plane nerd. Row two also gets you a little farther away from the galley lights. In particular, the light on the counter where they place the snacks I found oddly disruptive.

  4. I prefer the forward seating like on Delta’s 767s. The reason is that I don’t travel alone but as a couple. And in that regard I am only partly with Rene about the A330’s center seats. They are not that bad for having a conversation, definitely better than those herringbone seating configurations. But still topped by the 767 seating.
    And, during takeoff and landing my +1 likes to have physical contact, which I gladly provide. And that’s easier onboard the 767.

  5. I think the forward facing window seats in the 767, particularly the odd-numbered rows where the seat itself is by the window, are much preferable to those in the A330. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be angled towards the window. It is unsettling when passengers and crew walk by, since you feel they are there, but need to crane your neck a little to see them. I also agree that the middle seats are too far away from each other in the A330. Much harder to have a conversation without leaning far over or raising your voice.

  6. Nothing better than row seven on a 777.

    Closet thing that DL has to an enclosed suite right now.

  7. My son and I had an opportunity recently to compare the D1 seats on the 767 and the A330. We flew the 767 from ATL to SEA and the A330 from SEA to HKG.

    We found the 767 seats to be cramped, especially the foot well, and glaringly lacking in storage space. Also 767 seats that have the side table by the window leave the passenger in a very exposed position on the aisle and make it hard to look out of the window. The one nice feature of the 767 is that the video screen, while small, is fixed thus avoiding the problem of stowing for takeoff, approach and landing. The A330 seat was a big improvement in privacy, roominess and storage space. Even the A330, though, could use more storage space with all of the bedding, pjs and other stuff that is piled on and at the seat when boarding.

    The best D1 seating is on the soon-to-be-extinct 747. There is more storage space especially at the window seats where blankets and pillows can be stowed next to the window. The upper deck seating with 14 seats arranged 1 x 1 is simply one of the best business class experiences going. The private-jet feel up there is hard to beat. I might even prefer it over a newer and more opulent business class like the Qatar A350.

  8. I love the angle facing seat. I have traveled on all of Delta One seats and my favorite is 747 upper deck. I just flew to Korea and I was not offered any pajamas, is this only for Hong Kong flights ?

  9. Don in ATL Reply

    Internationally, no matter if it’s a 767, 777 or A330, we choose row 1 middle, simply because we want to be first to order our meals and make sure they haven’t run out. On the A330 they use between ATL and HNL, we choose 5 C and G or 6 C and G (i.e. in the middle of the middle). The reason for this is that even though it is technically a domestic flight, the pursers don’t all follow the even-odd ordering rules. You can get screwed if you play by the rules but the purser doesn’t.

    And if it’s a 747, upstairs, anywhere!

  10. dot cahill Reply

    we were row 2 on a330 it was ok…but they need to chill the WHITE WINE please not good room temp or hot!!!!!not a fan of vanilla ice cream so had the cheese –small amount but ok!!!!

  11. I just took Delta A330 business class RT Minneapolis-Amsterdam. Worst business class I’ve ever had. Lack of storage space very annoying. Flat bed was weird design and narrow… sleeping on my back was only reasonable choice. Inconsistent food and service – warm mixed nuts were just short of frozen, bread was offered on one aisle but not the other, food was ok but nothing to rave about. Glad I carry my own small pillow. Aisle armrest is useless. The experience was definitely not worth the money. The disappointment factor didn’t help – we were supposed to be on a KLM 747 but were rerouted at the last minute.

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