Check your Delta elite accounts – Rollover MQMs have started to post today 10JAN17!

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Right away this year, since I was getting flooded with questions, I posted to just wait for news of just when the Delta rollover MQMs would post. We knew in the past few years that:

These were the dates that the points either posted en masse or began to post. Well, a reader alerted me to check my account (since I have been flying for the past 24-ish hours) and both his as well as my MQMs have now updated as of today 10 January 2017.


As you can see I have also, hitting my goal of 7 days, met the $25,000 Delta AMEX MQD exempt spend as well. This means, thanks to flying this year and MQD rollover, on the 1FEB17 I will have earned my 2018 Diamond Medallion status and that will end (if I do nothing more) 1FEB19. Not bad at all and I have a nice start on my 2019 status as well (assuming Delta does not soon announce any more program changes for the 2019 elite year).

Have your rollover MQMs points posted to your account yet? Were they what you expected? – René




  1. Hooray, Skyrollover day! For some. Perhaps there was more luck to my “second Tuesday” logic than I originally thought, LOL. 🙂

    Checked on both our accounts after reading your post. In response to your question, a datapoint as of a quarter to midnight “Delta time” for this flying family: I (a PM) have not seen the rollover show up yet, while my wife’s account (a DM) has.

  2. Panic here as my totals have all dropped to zero. I didn’t notice thisti be the case last year. Does this happen before the rollovers are posted? Thanks.

  3. Interesting. My miles have rolled over successfully but my husbands and sons have not yet. I am Diamond while they are gold and silver

  4. Woohoo! My PM Skyrollover processed this morning. Wife’s DM last night, while a work colleague says his GM hasn’t yet. Rene, despite my trying not to use logic when it comes to understanding the mothership, the datapoints seem to indicate a staggered approach this year. 🙂

  5. Rene,

    Mine rollover posted today. Diamond next year when I get 20K more spend. Working on it. Need to get my 4K spend on my shiny new Chase Sapphire Preferred first.

  6. Question: What about DL Plat Amex bonus MQM’s (for 2016 spend) for yet, un-closed Dec/Jan statement? Will those post as 2016 or 2017 MQMs since the rollover has already taken place? I assume they would be 2106 MQM miles?

  7. Hi Rene. All of my expected MQMs rolled over as expected last night. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Mine hit today with 132k but my spend is not anywhere near yours! How did you do it in 7 days??

  9. @EL – 1-3 days after you statement has closed. Will (should) could for the year ended that is on 2016 and will add to your 2016 totals.

  10. Thanks Rene! I guess the “earned year” is only important if the MQM bonus bumps you up a tier. For me, I’m in the Plat+ abyss, choosing to roll over 40K rather than stretching to Diamond.

  11. I too decided to roll over 46,000 MQM and stay Platinum this year as I think I’ll easily make Diamond for 2018. I’m in no rush to get my 25K MQD exemption this year, I should do it by June. My rollover showed up today.

  12. My spouse and I (both Diamonds) received our rollover MQMs today.
    I am expecting an email today or tomorrow informing me that I also earned an additional 15k MQM bonus for calendar year 2016 from spend in Dec 2016; the statement just closed on Jan 12. If I instead gift this same 15K MQM bonus to my spouse, will it also be credited in 2016 or in the new 2017 accrual year? The year credited will mean the difference between Platinum (already earned by my spouse in 2016) or Diamond status for the upcoming elite year (Feb 1 2017- Jan 31 2018). I could not find the answer in the Delta web pages. Thanks!

  13. So my rollover happened just before my December statement posted that got me another 10K boost. Will they adjust my rollover to include that 10K boost that just posted?

  14. Do just MQMs roll over or do MQS and MQD roll over too? I just barely hit SM this year so I’m pretty new at this 🙂

  15. @Alexis – Only MQMs. The MQSs issue is a REALLY hot button issue for those who make it one segments and I agree with them. They too should rollover just like MQMs. MQD is a simple reset on 1JAN each year. We all start at ZERO and must spend our way up or become MQD exempt via card spend (like I did in 7 days this year) or live outside the USA to be MQD exempt that way.

  16. Just a follow-up: I gifted my 15K MQM bonus gift to my spouse and it was credited to his account for the 2016 year, pushing him up from Platinum to Diamond. (The bonus was earned via AMEX Delta Reserve card spend one week before the end of 2016). This occurred 3 days after my Dec 2016 – Jan 2017 statement closed. Your were absolutely correct! Thanks so much for your great blog.

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