Delta Improves Meal Service Times in First Class to “Around the Clock” – But Issues Remain.

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UPDATE: @Delta has walked back this promise of round-the-clock meals <-LINK sad to say!


Updates on NOV-2016

Have you noticed a change on I am not talking about just how it looks i.e. the graphics upgrade to many of the pages, but I am talking about the wording that has changed (or more specifically that has been removed). Take a look at the above and an old screen shot of the same page:

old delta wording

Old wording on from OCT-2016

Notice what’s different as well as what is now gone from the page? Delta is saying that they will always be offering on over 1500+ mile flights full meal service. Could this really be “around the clock” meals with no exceptions like for a redeye etc.? I reached out to @Delta and notice what was said.

delta upgrades meals to round the clock

From @Delta on twitter to @RenesPoints

Folks, this is really big news and fixes a bunch of holes in the very good Delta meal service. Not just that, the twitter team brought up something that is NOT yet mentioned on the page – that is, that even on 1100+ mile flights “around the clock” meals will be served in first class as well. Just amazing to me and a huge “Keep Climbing” worthy and praise worthy change. I now need to think about updating my Rookie post on Delta food rules.

But hold your horses before you start to comment below. Yes, there are still some real issues that need to be fixed. The first one according to many on FlyerTalk discussing this issue is that Delta is not following what the website and @Delta has stated should happen. It seems, according the Internet’s “Way Back Machine” that this change was implemented early in November i.e. around the 7th.

Next, beyond the implementation issues, we still have the massive big hole that frustrates me to no end – that is, flights 900-1399 long from 1:30-4PM get nothing but a snack basket. But notice that @Delta even contradicts this a bit saying 1100+ mile flights get a meal even in this dark time. Frustrating? You bet it is. It really is just wrong, I think, to exclude the 1:30-4PM on 900+ long flights. Plus there are so many flights that are 700-900 miles when a meal would be nice, but that is another topic for another day.

So what to take from the mostly good news? I would save THIS and THIS tweet as a bookmark and if Delta decides to delete them then this post you are reading so you can have a screenshot of what Delta has promised us. If you are not catered for a flight in first under these condition I would be reaching out for some free SkyMiles for them not following what is in print. After all, I am sure you could have purchased food in the airport had you known Delta was not going to provide what they promised you.

Bottom line, these are real improvements and I give Delta all the credit I can for this. Now Delta, step up and do what you have stated (and next fix the 1:30-4PM problem)! – René


  1. I think the issue is that if Delta catered meals on many of these flights — be they 1,000 miles at 2 p.m. or 700 miles at 5 p.m. — that many passengers wouldn’t eat the food because either (1) they already ate or (2) they were going to eat at their final destination.

    Of course, Delta could solve all this by letting domestic first-class passengers pre-book meals (even for a small fee) on any Delta flight over 90 minutes. That would be easy enough to do. Several airlines already do this, including Air Berlin.

  2. Are there any “exception markets” where delta offers full meal service on flights under 900 miles?

  3. Do you think this means some sort of “breakfast” and or pre-arrival snack when flying a red-eye from say SAN to ATL which is a non DeltaOne flight. Did this a few times last year and was served nothing. Was told this was not a “transcontinental flight”

  4. Just flew First LAX to CMH last 2 days ago. No meal but multiple passes of the basket. This was a red eye and I take it 3-4 times a year and never expect a meal. Its over 1100 miles so…

  5. Just flew on Monday SAN to SEA they offer a meal and SEA to SMF they also offer a meal…I was surprised to the the SEA to SMF meal since it is 605 miles…

  6. @Ed Travel – SEA vs Alaska Airlines is the reason for the exception. Alaska serves meals on the routes

  7. Loyal Delta Diamond, but I just booked an AA flight in first from DFW-MCO and was offered a meal AND offered the ability to reserve my choice in advance. That is NICE! Delta should follow suit.. that would be great!

  8. @FNT Delta Diamond That’s a really good point. I love airberlin, but they are a total mess. Even being a mess, they allow you to prebook meals in business and economy (for a fee), and it seems silly that Delta doesn’t yet do this. I wish they’d hurry up and make it happen like they said they would!

  9. Round the clock is the wrong wording. All domestic non Delta One Eastbound red eyes are still snack basket. I also see a lot of Westbound flights that leave late and say refreshments. Some 8-9pm flights that used to be snack say dinner. This is a veer veer small change and will be barely noticeable. Delta still serves meals on less flights than all other airlines. Delta FC is also the tightest in pitch and recline. IMO a highly overrated airline.

  10. For what it’s worth, you get a full meal (and it’s generally very good with local fish) for St Thomas-Atlanta and St Thomas-New York, but only a “snack” for St Croix-Atlanta. All are daytime flights.

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