Were you delayed in the latest Delta CPU meltdown? There is now a link for compensation!

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link to delta for cpu meltdown points

Let Delta know if you were disrupted!

After the August Delta CPU meltdown they proactively just sent miles or vouchers (or both) to just about anyone flying those days as there were just so many affected. They were really good about it and trying to make up for how you were impacted.

Delta i am sorry for cpu meltdown part 2 jan 2017

This round they seem to be doing something similar but not for everyone. Well there is now a link for that and you can find it HERE!

“Welcome to Customer Care – Please fill out the form below if you traveled and experienced a delay of greater than three hours or rebooked due to a cancelled flight between 6 p.m. ET January 29 through midnight ET January 30.

If you were traveling with others and booked in the same reservation, you only need to fill out this form once. Please allow 14 days to receive the voucher via the e-mail address provided.” – Delta.com

So if you have not already got something for your frustrations during Sunday or Monday here is your chance if you had a long-ish delay or were rebooked or ended up canceling your flights.

Keep in mind, as of today, Delta has still not told us just what went wrong and caused this latest round of problems. I hope they tell us one day or at least fix whatever is causing these massive disruptions. Either way enjoy the free points or vouchers or whatever they send you! – René






  1. I was part of delay and received notice from Delta this morning via email. Amount of compensation is 10k miles plus $200 travel voucher. My travel companion received the same, as a Gold Medallion.

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