How to get off the phone without the awkward Delta telemarketing pitch!

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how to get Delta reps not to push cars and hotels

I call the Delta Diamond line often since I am always booking or tinkering with flights or checking on Regional or Global upgrade space (the latter would be really nice to have a search function rather than just clicking on stuff). I also often call because many times clicking on stuff on can result in very VERY bad consequences. So much so I have even had phone reps tell me they were happy I called because if I had clicked on stuff it would not have worked out well at all.

Anyway, since Delta primarily runs an airline (or at least I think that is what they do) I really get tired of reps, often rather forcefully, asking me after we get done with the reason for my call if I need help booking a hotel or a car rental next.

Enter the land of jr. league psychology 101.

The setup for this, when you think about it, is just perfect to pressure you a bit. After all they have just done whatever you want (many times) and maybe done something heroic or other times not done anything good at all, but they have all your information in front of them and that leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach compared to the warm feeling of satisfaction you just had. Not that anything bad has ever happened to me, but I have had times where reps have not properly reissued a ticket and I have had to call back.

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Anyway here is a quick tip to save you from this awkward situation from this day forward, but you have to be “quick on the draw” so to speak. Here is what you do – I am sure all of us have listened to the recorded message from Delta that says: “To help improve our service, please stay on the line for a one question survey”. Then, after the call, you are asked about this rep and to vote from 1 to 5 if you would hire this rep with 5 being the goal of reps – that is, their version of “Strive For Five” that most Delta folks work for. So here is what you do:

As soon as you “feel” you are all done with the call YOU step in before the telemarketing questions can even begin. Just simple say this:

“Thank you so much for helping me today I will now HOLD the line so I can give you a 5 on the survey before I hang up!”

See what I just did there? You have now taken the pressure away from being on you and placed it on them instead. If they now break into telemarketing press, will that impact what vote you were just ready to give this rep? Not saying it would, but there is that feeling at the other end one would think. 😉

Anyway, I have been using this as of late and it makes ending my call to Delta reps much more pleasant. Besides, if I am going to book a hotel or car it sure will not be from Delta or Delta links it will be either with points from a travel card or via a shopping portal like TopCashBack! My guess is you are the same! – René


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  1. Didn’t have any problem getting off the phone without the push tonight… Perhaps because they were unable to explain how I got invol. moved at the gate from an aisle/exit to an “E” seat for my flight home from, ORD to MSP tonight — gate said my old seat was already reassigned, phone said it was open, and indeed it was for the flight. Half expected the push at the end of my call, none. Guess he figured infuriated would not be easily replaced with interested. Gotta say, PM or not, I’d take a C+/middle sidegrade over Shena like that any day!

  2. Innovative idea for a win-win with the CSR (customer service rep, not Chase Sapphire Reserve in this case). Not that I ever fly with or call Delta, but the idea is spot on.

  3. I don’t mind if they ask at the end of the conversation. They aren’t trying to sell me. I’ve never felt pressured at all, nor do I feel it is awkward at all.

    If they ask I simply say “no thank, you I already have that taken care of” and they always respond with okay and move on.

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